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The Star Inn, Newcastle (Mar 2022)

Saturday 5th March

Tenth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Martin Craggs (Guitar)

No matter how many times I’ve seen Tubesnake over the years – and I’ve seen them A LOT – it never ceases to amaze me just how reliable this band are. No matter when or where you see them, you absolutely know you’re going to get your money’s worth (if you can say that about a free entry pub gig).

John Lennon, asked to define what was “cool”, struggled to put a defining explanation on that most overused word, but if it’s that intangible factor that lifts above the norm, then Tubesnake should have their own refrigerator brand.

Musicianship is top drawer, with a rhythm section that is as tight and accurate as a metronome, yet never feels constricted. Guitars either flash or groove with just the right sprinkling of genuine fireworks, and I wish other bands would put half as much weight behind the bass guitar in their mix.

Front man Lenny Mustarde remains among the most enchanting on the local scene – effortlessly connecting with the audience while carrying a stage presence few can muster.

To tell you much more would be spoiling the plot, suffice to say the sheer power with which Tubesnake deliver classic Bowie, Stones and Doors is undeniable – and long may it continue.

… Paul Sinclair, posted on Facebook, Mar 2022

The Star Inn (photo by Paul Sinclair)