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The Office, South Shields (Sep 2004)

Friday 3rd September

Eighth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Dave Lunn (Guitar), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass)

Tubesnake are one of those rare bands that decide to cover another angle of the genre that we traditionally call “rock”. Instead of being a heavy metal act, or just another blues-rock pub-band, they have chosen to cover an era and style of music that is quite classic in its own right. They pick songs from the glory days of the late 60s through to the early 70s, but all of them have more in common with rock ‘n’ roll than anything else. The main groups they choose to pay homage to are The Doors, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones. Then if you add a smattering of Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, and The Beatles to that list, then you should be getting a good picture of where this band are coming from. It’s the identity that they have picked which makes them stand out from the norm. I love it when a group have their own unique personality, and are playing a lot of material that other bands don’t really touch upon. And there’s no doubt that Tubesnake use this factor to their best advantage. But regardless of the songs that they include in their set, it still wouldn’t make them a great band unless they played the music well, and this group play it all excellently! They are a classic 4-piece line-up, in the sense of that being drums, bass, one guitarist, and a proper frontman/lead vocalist. All of the musicians perform superbly, and their vocalist just happens to be one of the finest frontmen in the region.

… Colin Smoult, posted on Riffsonline website, Sep 2004

The Office, 3rd Sep 2004 (photos by Nige from Riffs)