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Rocketfest2, The George Stephenson Inn, Newcastle (Feb 2006)

Sunday 19th February

Eighth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Dave Lunn (Guitar), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass)

Tubesnake are Durham’s best kept secret. Rarely travelling North of the Tyne it was a pleasure to see them at Rocketfest2. The core of the band’s set is music by The Doors/Stones/Bowie and they started up with Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust. The band have been together 10 years and it shows in their delivery.

Eighth Line-Up at Rocketfest2 (photographer unknown)Len is a great front man and the overall sound was tight as we’d heard all weekend. Next was a jump to The Stones’ Paint It Black. Not a slavish copy but a harder edged raunchier version which suited the song’s dark theme. A surprise departure in the next song with The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby a total contrast to the previous Richard Kain Band version, more aggressive and overdriven and with a lovely solo from Dave who whilst being a good front man in his own right also demonstrated what an exceptionally talented guitarist he is. Back to The Doors for the next number with Light My Fire and a sublime solo from Dave with one of the best guitar sounds I’ve heard in a while nothing beats the combination of a Les Paul and Marshall amp.

The audience was loving this band and the material is familiar to everyone so there was much dancing and singing along. Probably the best received song of the set was Another Brick in the Wall – Pink Floyd – an amazing feat from effectively a 3 piece band but they pushed the song to its limits and Len and Dave’s vocals were top notch. All numbers are constantly underpinned by Chris and Woody on Bass and Drums, helping the band produce one of the biggest sounds I’ve heard from a 3 piece band.

Len really sings The Doors well, he has the voice and the look to carry these songs off and L.A. Woman was up next and finished to thunderous applause. The guys launched into Sympathy for the Devil by The Stones and the crowd was really rocking as Len menacingly scanned the room. Then it was all over, the last song was announced all too soon and the audience were obviously gutted they wanted more from Tubesnake who probably stole the night with this blistering performance.

The applause didn’t stop and with a quick bit of negotiation the management permitted one more song. What a song to finish on a high octane metal’d up version of The Beatles’ Helter Skelter. The shouts of more carried on, but all good things have to come to an end and Tubesnake did themselves, the audience and the whole event justice by finishing the weekend in great style. Don’t remain a secret too much longer. Get yourselves up here and play to the audiences that are waiting to hear Tubesnake again.

… Jeff Grant, posted on Riffsonline website, Feb 2006

Last Band of the night were TUBESNAKE. We first saw this band a lot of years ago in The Snooker Club in Durham, which was a superb venue. They finished the night off superbly. Tubesnake are a very close knit outfit, who have been around for some time (10+years) we think, they are an absolutely storming live act. For some reason they never seem to get the publicity the likes of FM and Sticky Fingers get, but they are up there as one of the top north east bands. The singer really gets into character for his Doors songs and Sympathy For The Devil literally freaked us out OOOOH OOOOOH!!

… Paul & Bernie, posted on DavysRockPage website, Feb 2006

I must say that for me Tubesnake stole the night of the bands playing Sunday evening. They were outstanding. The singer is such a great front man for the type of material they play Bowie/Stones/Doors and Paint it Black was absolutely first-class. Dave playing lead and backing vocals was at his best since Friday with Sabbatica. The drummer is a Rolling Stone look-alike and played superb. This band is definitely in my top ten!

… JLH, posted on Riffsonline website, Feb 2006

Well done to Jeff Grant and all those involved in making Rocketfest2 a huge success and in doing so, helping to raise loads of money for St.Oswalds Hospice. The George Stephenson Inn was absolutely jam packed for both days of the event, which saw some of the regions finest bands come together to support the charity. Money from donations, raffles etc. from the weekend reached over £2500 which helped put the total way past the wanted £5000. It now stands at £8000 … with still more to come! Only caught WHITENOISE on Saturday, and you couldn’t get moved in the place. Sunday night a bit easier. WISHBLOWIN’ ASH, NEU2 and TUBESNAKE all also getting huge applause and no doubt making many new fans. Everyone I spoke to had, had a great weekend – Bands, punters, venue and of course … St.Oswalds Hospice!

… Davy Potter, posted on DavysRockPage website, Feb 2006

Rocketfest2 Poster February 2006