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Tenth & Current Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Martin Craggs (Guitar)

Dunston UTS F.C., Dunston, Gateshead, Saturday 29th June 2024.
(Steve Ellis on drums depping for Woody)
Fabulous night, Doors, Bowie, Stones, and a few more. Great front man, excellent guitarist and a excellent performance from a stand in drummer. Think I’ll be a groupie 🀣🀣 … Eileen James
Great band! … Geoff Pickering
One of me favs, cracking songbook, very good musicians and proper frontman. Three stand out songs done their own way, for the better I may add. “Fool For Your Stockings” (ZZ TOP). “Sympathy For The Devil” (Rolling Stones) and “Another Brick In The Wall” (Pink Floyd) were absolutely brilliant … Deg James

The Pelaw Inn, Pelaw, Gateshead, Saturday 18th November 2023.
Great gig! (As per!) Best bass sound ever! (As per!) πŸ™‚ … Tim Ross
Catching some Tubesnake at The Pelaw. Such a class band. Lenny Mustarde has long been one of the best fronts in the business, bass and drums are tight as a duck’s arse, and their guitarist is sublime … Paul Sinclair

Live Lounge, Sunderland, Friday 17th February 2023.
Thanks Tubesnake for a brilliant night! Lenny & lads you never fail to bring a great crowd in! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‰ … Shirley Sunley
Fantastic gig Tubesnake always deliver … Jeff Turner
Fab night in there. Think everybody was well happy! … Jim Jeffries
Fantastic night at Live Lounge. Tubesnake were awesome πŸ‘πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸ‘ … Brian N Ann Lewis
Another great gig at Live Lounge. The brilliant Tubesnake … Paul Lawson
Martin on guitar, best there is 🎢 … Iain Haley
Tubesnake – one of the best bands on the circuit … Dilbert Carruthers
Ooo they are good xx … Julie Torbet
Fantastic band!!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽΌπŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸ₯° … Jan Scrowther

The Fox, Hexham, Sunday 18th December 2022.
We had a fantastic afternoon with Tubesnake, a huge thanks to them. Great gig, great tunes, great band! … The Fox
They were really good, enjoyed my dances xx Thanks to band and all staff at The Fox xx … Jacqui Chilton

The Ship Inn, Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 10th December 2022.
Well? Are TUBESNAKE just the best gig?! Top notch in me local th’neet. Support ya local. Cheers lads! … Davy Potter

The Three Tuns, Gateshead, Friday 9th December 2022.
Never tire of watching Tubesnake. One great song after the other and class performance by the band … Danielle Amin
Great gig ✌️😎✌️ … Glenn Richardson

Live Lounge, Sunderland, Friday 11th November 2022.
Absolutely awesome night … Paul Lawson
Brill xxx … Melanie Spencer
Awesome‼️ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽΈπŸŽ€πŸ₯° Fab vocals!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΆπŸŽΈπŸŽ€πŸ₯° Great stuff!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽΆπŸŽΈπŸŽ€πŸ₯° … Jan Scrowther
Lenny’s owning the stage! πŸ‘Œ … Kath Thompson
Our Martin Craggs, best guitarist in the country. 🀟 … Iain Haley

The Rose Inn, Wallsend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 4th November 2022.
Great night at The Rose Inn with the outstanding Tubesnake. Never fail to deliver and bring the house down … Nicola Bowden
Great night!! ❀️❀️ … Karyn Dickman

The Old Fox, Felling, Gateshead, Sunday 23rd October 2022.
Rare outing on a Sunday afternoon, seeing the legends that are Tubesnake in The Old Fox. One of those bands I think would find it impossible to play a bad gig. Been watching this lot for years off and on. Current guitarist is unbelievably good, drums & bass don’t get any tighter, set list kicks arse and Lenny Mustarde is still one of THE best in the business. A few friendly faces in. Quality alcohol-free beer too. Keep yer eyes on the road, yer hands upon the wheel! … Paul Sinclair

The Benton Ale House, Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunday 17th July 2022.
(Stuart Dawson on bass depping for Chris)
Treat indeed when one of our favourite bands is on at our local, & lots of fabulous friends are in too! Tubesnake entertaining us party people in style this evening, cracking gig πŸ˜πŸ˜† … Christine Watson
One of, if not, the best on the local scene?! (Depending on one’s state of mind!!!). Always quality showmanship!… Davy Potter
Totally Stylish, give a performance every time … Jim Clare
A brilliant night as usual with Tubesnake & a great venue x … Jan Hall
Tubesnake. Loads of people here, too many to mention … Kimberley Rockchick Penaluna
Great time Great company and great band love Tubesnake Xxx … Denise Robson
It was a fab night x … Jacqui Callighan
Brilliant band … Ann Davidson
Great band and the best frontman … Ainsley Wills
CLASS act. On and off the stage … Ian Metcalfe
Can’t believe I’ve missed my favourite band. Just couldn’t get there ❀️❀️😭 … Fiona Wilson

The Garden House Inn, Durham, Saturday 9th July 2022.
Like the old days, so many friends, C’mon! … Michael Mustarde
Brilliant night man! Nice to see some old faces as well … Paul Charlton
Fab gig as always Lenny! Good to see you back in Durham. Keep it up! Tremendous new (to me) guitarist … Mike Robson
Brilliant gig boys.πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» … Mark Coulthard

The Crook Hotel, Crook, Saturday 28th May 2022.
To The Crook Hotel tonight to remind myself of why I love Tubesnake so much. All my favourite old Bowie hits, performed to perfection, and so much more besides – everything from REM’s ‘Losing my Religion’ to T Rex’s ‘Twentieth Century Boy’. Great stuff … Cathy Edmunds
Brilliant nite Saturday, thank you all … Gwen Took

The Welcome Tavern, Sunderland, Sunday 13th March 2022.
Tubesnake at The Welcome Tavern yesterday were immense! An excellent set, including some amazing covers of Bowie tracks, Starman was especially fantastic. Great band if you haven’t seen them. 4 great lads knocking out hit after hit after hit, great vocals, class drumming, brilliant guitar and a fantastic sounding Rickenbacker bass … Gavin Brown
Yes brilliant band, one of my faves … Raegan Jayne Lawson
Awesome!! … Denis McCain

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Friday 7th January 2022.
Thanks to Tubesnake for last night’s brilliant music x … Louise Stockport
They are fantastic. We enjoyed it, wot a great night it was … Angela Smith
They were brilliant as always x … Janice Todd

The Garden Farm, Chester-le-Street, Friday 5th November 2021.
Awesome as always Tubesnake great gig guys 🀘🏼🎸 … Lisa Reefer

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 4th September 2021.
What can i say? Absolutely great night at THE STAR. Thank you to all the TUBESNAKE lads for a cracking gig! … Deg James

The Rose Inn (Outdoor Stage), Wallsend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 9th July 2021.
(Alun White on drums depping for Woody)
Absolutely awesome night with the fabulous Tubesnake on the big stage. Thank you Lenny Mustarde for playing my requests and the fantastic Michael Jeffels (owner) for all you do keeping live music alive … Tracy Midgley
The sound was fantastic, guitaring amazing and vocals on top form … Allie McCormick
Had another brilliant night at the The Rose Inn, Wallsend for the fabulous Tubesnake. Love this band loads, been following them for a long time now, and they never fail to put on a top class performance … Linda Goodman Bowden
A night of Tubesnake on the outdoor stage. Love these! … Mark Stuart
Love them. In my Top 5 local bands, never disappoint x … Lindylou Cassidy
Doing what he does best … the inimitable Lenny Mustarde … Steven Pheonix Callighan

Live Lounge, Sunderland, Saturday 3rd July 2021.
(First gig since 3rd November 2020, eight months ago, due to Coronavirus)
You guys were amazing on Saturday! You could sing the shipping news and sound bloody brilliant! 🎢 … Andrea Chalk

The Rose Inn, Wallsend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tuesday 3rd November 2020.
(Squeezed this gig in the day before a month-long second Lockdown started)
(Stuart Dawson on drums depping for Woody)
Wow! Tubesnake … it couldn’t have been any better than these guys. Our last live music for a little while so it had to be the best βœŒοΈβ€οΈβ€¦ Linda Goodman Bowden
The brilliant Tubesnake. So glad I got to see them after so long. Relaxed happy night πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘ … Tracy Midgley
Great band x … Lindylou Cassidy

Live Lounge, Sunderland, Saturday 26th September 2020.
(First gig since 14th March, six months ago, due to Coronavirus)
(Alun White on drums depping for Woody)
Absolutely tremendous tonight. So glad to see you playing again. The whole band absolutely nailed it tonight. No rustiness whatsoever. Can’t wait to watch you again very soon … Geoffrey Dow
Great set. Ta for the (birthday) shout out too! … Graeme Batten
Brilliant set. Saw you last at The Stumble Inn on March 14th. Looking forward to seeing you again soon … Wendy Haydon
Saw you on Saturday at Live Lounge. First gig in a while and it was bloody marvelous! ❀️🎢🎸 xxx … Andrea Chalk
You were fabulous! … Cris Watson Hope
Great gig on Saturday … John Bell
Tubesnake fab as always! … Anne Cauwood
Loved it. Brilliant band 🎸 … Lorraine Griffiths
Brilliant! … Jan Stokoe
You guys were on top form … David Lynas
Great venue, sound and fantastic staff. Band were brilliant on Saturday … Jason Murray
That was a really special gig by Tubesnake. Can’t wait to see them again … Yvonne Collins

The Stumble Inn, Sunderland, Saturday 14th March 2020.
(Turned out to be our last gig for a while. Pubs closed Friday 20th March & Lockdown started Monday 23rd March)
What a great night at The Stumble Inn last night. A good turnout for Tubesnake. Great atmosphere. It doesn’t get any better than that! … Brian Lewis
First time seeing Tubesnake. Won’t be the last. Great band. Great pub. Great company x … Elaine Lynn
Fantastic band. Great musicians and vocals, never fail to impress 🎢 😎 … Andrea Chalk

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 7th March 2020.
Up from Yorkshire for the weekend, saw your gig in Newcastle. Spot on. Really enjoyed it. Your guitar player is on another level. Thank you! … Jonathan Jordon

The Conshies Club, Wheatley Hill, Durham, Sunday 26th January 2020.
Tubesnake feckin brilliant! … William Marley
The best on the circuit … Terry Cullen
I couldn’t agree more. The place was bouncing … Bob Donaldson

Trimmers Arms, South Shields, Saturday 18th January 2020.
Brilliant live music in Shields tonight! Band called Tubesnake at The Trimmers playing some of my all time favourite tracks Suffragette City, Life on Mars, Riders on the Storm, plus a punk anthem version of The Wall!! You have to see them next time they’re here … Shirley Ford

The Blue Bell, Jesmond Vale, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 11th January 2020.
Saw the band for the first time last night at The Blue Bell, thoroughly enjoyed it … Jim Wright

The Old Fox, Felling, Gateshead, Saturday 4th January 2020.
Excellent night!! … Brian May

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 16th November 2019.
Fabulous, Tubesnake never disappoint, just have to dance to their music … Ann Davidson
Tubesnake. Star. Crowd. Super. πŸ˜‰ … Christine Watson
He might be called Lenny Mustarde but he’s still cooler than ice. Tubesnake … what a fucking band! … Paul Sinclair
Great night! … Gillian Frank

The Stumble Inn, Sunderland, Saturday 13th April 2019.
Great gig at The Stumble last night – loved every song in your set. Fab band! 😎 … Andrea Chalk

The Clarendon, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 17th February 2019.
Electric gig lads. Cracking show, as usual. Enjoyed every minute … Andy Thompson
Tubesnake on top form. Brilliant gig! … John Bell
A brilliant gig today. Well done Tubesnake! … David Lynas
Had an absolutely fabulous night here watching this band with friends x … Jacqui Marsden

The Brewery Tap, Dunston, Gateshead, Sunday 10th February 2019.
Thank you for a fantastic gig at THE BREWERY TAP tonight lads. You really blew it away, best I’ve ever seen you. But most importantly, I think you all enjoyed playing every song. Superb … Deg James

The Black Bull, Blaydon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 2nd February 2019.
What a fantastic start to 2019 for the Black Bull Rock and Blues Club with the awesome TUBESNAKE. Brilliant gig, fabulous audience. Cracking night … Jackie Haley
They are fantastic x … Carol Hogg
Brilliant. Love them 😍 xx … Julie Lisle
Excellent! … Michaela Percy

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 4th January 2019.
First band of 2019. TUBESNAKE doon at The Star Bar. On fire. Top sound … Davy Potter
It was brilliant xxx … Glenn Richardson

The Three Tuns, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead, Friday 28th December 2018.
It was such a great night. About time Tubesnake has the audience they deserve. Fantastic band. Great frontman … Mary Wilson
Always been an awesome band with, in my opinion, the best frontman in the North East. The Three Tuns is perfect for bands like that, nothing pretentious just talent and good entertainment x … Jules Lynn
You can always rely on Tubesnake for a rocking night. Great set of lads and a cracking band live … Andy Thompson
Watching the incredibly cool Tubesnake get 20 or so people up dancing, and the rest of the room rocking along … Paul Sinclair
(You can read Paul’s full review of the night on our Reviews & Press page)

The Brewery Tap, Dunston, Gateshead, Saturday 25th August 2018.
Fantastic night & can honestly say one of the best bands in the North East by far … Fiona McDermott
The band that keeps on giving, get better every time … Veronica B. King

The Crook Hotel, Crook, Co. Durham, Sunday 12th August, 2018.
Enjoyed your gig at The Crook Hotel today. Years since I’ve seen the band, loved it x … Sue Patchett

The Pelaw Inn, Pelaw, Gateshead, Saturday 28th July, 2018.
In the North East of England we are lucky to have some very good venues and some top bands, Tubesnake are one of the bands I would travel far and wide to see perform. Tubesnake never fail to deliver a scintillating performance no matter what the venue’s size or shape throws up. I am a huge DOORS fan and love to hear Lenny’s vocals on the covers in the band’s set. I was never really into Bowie but have listened a lot more since watching Tubesnake. Martin Craggs is a wonderful guitarist and is backed by a rhythm section of David (Woody) Wood and bassist Christopher Cowen as tight as any around. All in all a Tubesnake gig is a wonderful experience. Thanks to all for the Pelaw Inn gig last night … Terry Harbron

The Duke of Cumberland, Felling, Gateshead, Friday 13th July, 2018.
The faintly beating heart of the once great DUKE OF CUMBERLAND was kicked into life by an electric performance by the mighty TUBESNAKE. The regulars were delighted by the performance and even left their Batcave to stand or sit opposite the stage, some accolade. If you like The Doors, Bowie or Floyd you will love this band. The superb back line of Woody and Chris support the mercurial Martin Craggs and the best frontman around, Lenny. What a performance by all four. Great night and thank you, all the best, see you soon … Terry Harbron
Thanks lads for a great night at the Duke of Cumberland … Graham Sinclair

The Durham Ox, Coundon, Saturday 9th June 2018.
Hi, just want to say thanks for a brilliant night at The Durham Ox. Loved the set list. Seen you a few times at The Grand (Bishop Auckland) always fantastic. Great musicians and singer. Hope to see you all back at Coundon soon x … Diane Golightly
Hell of a band, loved all the covers … Phil Nevison

The Fat Ox, Whitley Bay, Saturday 5th May 2018.
Thoroughly enjoyed your set last night Lenny, great choice of songs, brilliantly performed. First class mate πŸ˜ƒ … Bill Brown

The Queen Vic, South Shields, Friday 27th April 2018.
Crackin’ gig last night. Brill version of Sympathy for The Devil. Thanks lads … Colin Anderson
My mate and I took the Metro from Pelaw to THE VIC in South shields to see the mighty TS last night and it was well worth the journey. Good venue and a cracking performance from the best band around. Thanks to everyone … Terry Harbron

The Brewery Tap, Dunston, Gateshead, Saturday 17th February 2018.
Great night. I thought the band were brilliant. Sang to every song … Deg James
Fantastic venue and the band were great … Ian Stewart
It’s a great venue and a great band of course … Carol Hogg

The Station, Killingworth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 9th February 2018.
Brilliant night at The Station … Allan James
Tubesnake were brilliant last night … Terry Brown
Omg! Can’t believe I haven’t seen you before now! Saw you at The Ship Inn in Benton. Kept your flyer and saw you again tonight. We have watched live bands for years. You top them all. Thank you so much! Xxx … Fiona Wilson

The Black Bull, Blaydon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 3rd February 2018.
Wow! … Well fabulous gig on Saturday night with TUBESNAKE they were absolutely awesome. Big thank you to Lenny Mustarde and the lads, great gig. X … Jackie Haley
One of the best I’ve seen … Paul Mitchison
Def must come back again, awesome night! Thanks to Lenny and the boys xxx … Lesley Hudspith
Still my favourites! They were fab! Xx … Julie Lisle
Fabulous band x … Kate Roseby
Great band and a great set. Loved it … Mick Brown
Best I’ve seen. It was a fab night. Fab band. And Bowie, my favourite x 😁 … Carol Hogg
Great x … Wendy Aiston
They were amazing x … Jennifer Dixon
Class … Ray Hall
Great band xx … Jeanette Malloy
What a great singer & they played all the stuff I love – Doors, Stones, REM. They were brilliant! … Val Boyle
What a great band Tubesnake are xx … Lisa Clarke
A reet good neet. Cracking band and a nice bunch of guys … Steve Kay
Great band. Definitely looking forward to seeing them again xxx … Pam Martin
I had the pleasure of playing guitar with them a couple of years ago. I loved working with Lenny and the lads. A genuine bunch of lovely people … Steve Gilroy (The Dirty South)
I’ve known these guys for nearly 20 years, absolute top band! … Paul Hughes

The Ship Inn, Benton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 13th January 2018.
Fabulous night. Thank you. Will definitely be seeing you again soon … Carol Hogg

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Friday 19th January 2018.
Great gig last night. Still crazy after all these years xx … Zita Parker

The Grand, Bishop Auckland, Saturday 29th July 2017.
Thanks to all that came to see Tubesnake last night, also thanks from the band who said the fantastic audience and atmosphere gave them that extra buzz. Tubesnake have played some good gigs here but last night was beyond excellent. Again thanks for all of you that came and I am booking them again so they will be back soon … Derrick
Was brilliant! … Valerie Dunn

The Black Horse, Monkseaton, Sunday 16th July 2017.
(Stuart Dawson on bass depping for Chris)
U were cookin x … Fiona Davison
As usual x … Jan Hall
You never fail! … Jayne Layburn
Cracking gig! … Paul Hughes
Fabulous night, loved it. XXX … Linda Goodman Bowden

The Station, Killingworth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 28th April 2017.
Great night at The Station! You guys rock! … Mandy Howland

The Three Tuns, Sheriff Hill, Gateshead, Friday 7th April 2017.
I bought my first Doors album back in 1968 and have them all so Tubesnake are an obvious must see for me and my mate. Tubesnake, however, are much, much more than a tribute band. The brilliant sets include music of such variety it is like looking into the best record collection, ever. I have seen the band many times, the last being at the now defunct Duke of Cumberland, but last night’s gig at The Three Tuns tops them all. Three musicians of genuine quality led by the best frontman around ensures a great night of classic music. Thanks for another great night! … Terry Harbron

The Cluny, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunday 19th March 2017.
If you’ve not seen them before, get yourself along. You won’t be disappointed! … Lesley Hudspith
You guys were huge up there, great set … and being naturally cool as feck Lenny x … Jules
Top band. Love them. Tubesnake are just awesome! Lenny … Mean Moody … Magnificent … Magicmarty Lightingmush
Tubesnake are always awesome! … Steve Gilroy
Yup… great band… enjoyed em … Alan Dacre
What a fantastic night out photographing Tubesnake and The Dirty south at The Cluny … Angi Wallace

The Fat Ox, Whitley Bay, Saturday 4th March 2017.
(Stuart Dawson on bass depping for Chris)
Wow! What a gig! Lots of things spring to mind but Fanfuckintastic should do it! Tubesnake. If you haven’t seen them, please do! … Steve Cockburn ‘Cosy’
Excellent night out with good friends and Tubesnake! … Deborah Ann Pollington
Just had a wondrous night rockin away. Why the hell not? Life’s too short. Band TUBESNAKE were excellent! … Jayne Dryden
Loveeeeeeee them xxxxx … Eileen Peacock
Fab band and fab night … Jayne Layburn
Gr8 band! … Gr8 vibe!!! … πŸ˜€ … John Parkin
Absolutely fabulous band and great gig … Gary Mason
Tubesnake were on top form and blew the roof off The Ox! … Linda Goodman Bowden

The Duke of Cumberland, Felling, Gateshead, Friday 24th February 2017.
Thank You Tubesnake for a Brilliant Gig last night! … Amanda Bland
They were awesome πŸ™‚ … Ruth Miriam Bradley
What a brilliant performance. I have seen the band many times but this was the first in my local. The DUKE was legendary before the brewery changed everything but it looks to be fighting back. As there are so many venues cancelling gig nights it would be great if the DUKE got back to its best and booked the best, like Tubesnake.
All the best and thanks for a great night … Terry Harbron

The Black Horse, Monkseaton, Sunday 6th November 2016.
(Stuart Dawson on bass depping for Chris)
A room full of like minded people. A band with a front man who’s a born entertainer. Throw in some booze, guitars and drums. What do you get? One absolutely tremendous evening of Live Music. Tubesnake were brilliant. Lenny you and the guys owned that room tonight! … Steve Cockburn ‘Cosy’
Best gig seen by Lenny and Tubesnake. Fantastic friends and one great night! … Gary Mason
Ab-Fab night, Tubesnake did the biz! πŸ˜πŸ‘ … Stephen King
Tubesnake at da Black Horse tonite ……OUTSTANDING! … Fiona Davison
Best nite in there, superb! … Dianne Stewart
Fantastic night. x … Eileen Peacock
Brilliant night. Love that band. XXX … Linda Goodman Bowden
Loved it tonight. Lush mates too! … Sheila Morrison Collins
Local gig of the year so far for me – fucking awesome! … Terry Brown
Gr8 band! … magic vibe in there t’nite! πŸ˜€πŸΊ … John Parkin
Magic! … Jayne Dryden
Definitely one of the best gigs I’ve ever seen Tubesnake do in the 10-12 years since I first saw them at The George Stephenson Inn – the place was jumpin’, company was superb & the drink was flowing AWESOME night!!!!!! … Jan Hall

The Queens Head, Sun 16th October 2016 (photo by linda goodman bowden)The Queens Head, Cullercoats, Sunday 16th October 2016.
Wow Tubesnake!!! totally rocked the place tonight, was wondering after seeing them at Stormin’, where they were amazing by the way, whether they would live up to what they did there, but didn’t need to worry, they were that and more – totally blown away! My new fave band. Great lads and superb musicians. Absolutely owned the place. Have to say one of the best bands I’ve seen and I’ve seen them all! … Linda Goodman Bowden
Loved Tubesnake. Think they’re on at The Black Horse soon? 🎡 … Sheila Morrison Collins
Yes, our first ever gig at The Black Horse in Monkseaton takes place on Sunday 6th November 2016 from 6.30pm … Tubesnake

Stormin’ The Castle 2016, Witton Castle, Saturday 3rd September 2016.
What a cracking set Lenny – excellent mate! … Stephen Dawson
Top set mate. Sounded great! … Mark Evans (Sticky Fingers)
You were great guys! Fab set as always! … Lisa Reefer
Amazing Lenny. Brill set xx … Caz Middleton
You were great, really enjoyed it! … Paul Hughes
Yuz were Xcellent! Few hadn’t seen u b4, luvd da set. Xcellent πŸ˜€ … Fiona Davison
Excellent performance Len, loved every minute of it! … Steve Cockburn ‘Cosy’
Our thanks to the Sound Guys: Always a pleasure. You were awesome … as ever πŸ˜€ … Stevie Wright
Our thanks to the Sound Guys: Absolute pleasure guys! Was great working with you, THANK YOU πŸ˜€ … Ashley Hawthorne Bell

Wallsend Labour Club ‘Private Party’, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 30th July 2016.
I just wanted to thank you all for Saturday, I know you played longer than required. You all obviously enjoy playing in a band otherwise you wouldn’t do it but it is work at the end of the day and parties are not always the easiest to do. So thank you. Everyone has mentioned that they were really impressed with you all and loved the music that you played. I obviously do anyway otherwise I wouldn’t come to see you so often and I have met so many wonderful music friends by coming to see you so you were the obvious choice for me. I hope you all enjoyed it as well but you couldn’t have possibly enjoyed the night more than me!!!! xxxx πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ … Jan Hall

The Grand, Bishop Auckland, Saturday 16th July 2016.
Let’s face it, Tubesnake are a very good band. “When the Music’s Over” was truly great … Paul Lloyd
Great version of Eleanor Rigby. Nice to see The Grand packed for a band. Onwards and upwards … Alan Walton

The Angel, Durham City, Saturday 16th April 2016.
Really good last night, the crowd was buzzing x … Susan Marie Clough

The Rosehill Tavern, Fri 8th April 2016 (photo by christine watson)The Rosehill Tavern, Wallsend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 8th April 2016.
Fab night with Tubesnake. Come back again soon Guys xxx … Jan Hall
Love them, always have, hope they get another gig soon x … Sandra Wright
First time I’ve seen them … Won’t be the last. Tremendous! Their Pink Floyd (Another Brick In The Wall) just rounded my night off … Stephen Parker
Best bit! πŸ˜€ … Christine Watson
Fab band … Derek Ash

The Anson, Wallsend, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 26th March 2016.
(Stuart Dawson on drums depping for Woody)
Tubesnake at The Anson. How flippin gurd! … Fiona Davison
Great nite! … Dianne Stewart
Lenny and the guys were flippin great, as usual. πŸ˜€ … Steve Cockburn ‘Cosy’

The Penny Gill, Sun 20th March 2016 (photo by bob brown)The Penny Gill, Spennymoor, Co. Durham, Sunday 20th March 2016.
Cracking afternoon at The Penny Gill. Tubesnake you were awesome! … Stephen Dawson
Great gig. Give my thanks to all the boys. You definitely made me wait for ‘Paint It Black’ today! … Jan Adlington
Great gig at The Penny Gill. Thanks to you Lenny & the rest of the lads. πŸ˜€ … Bob Brown
Great afternoon at The Penny Gill. Huge thank you to Lenny Mustarde and the guys from TUBESNAKE for another awesome show! … June Woz (The Penny Gill)

The Conshies Club, Wheatley Hill, Durham, Sunday 28th February 2016.
Fabulous day at The Conshies, enjoyed every minute. πŸ˜€ x … Sandra Martin

The Star Inn, Sat 20th February 2016 (photo by paul smith)The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 20th February 2016.
Absolute brill gig at The Star Inn with Lenny Mustarde and Tubesnake tonight! Chocka block from the onset and loads of folk, oldies and newbies, having a great time! Bowie, Doors, REM. Great sound. Good company. Top night! … Davy Potter
Brilliant gig tonight guys, excellent tunes all night. πŸ˜€ … Steve Cockburn ‘Cosy’
Loved your set tonight. πŸ˜€ … Diane Mayes
Thanks guys. Had brill night and hope to see you soon x … Veronica Malia
What a truly awesome night. You were magnificent. One of the best birthdays I’ve ever had! … Karen Collier

The Plough Inn, Mountsett, Burnopfield, Friday 30th October 2015.
A great gig as usual. Even drummed along with drumsticks at the bar. Love every song you guys do and you do them brilliantly. See you next time you are up this way … Beryl Evans

The Queen Vic, South Shields, Saturday 29th August 2015.
Brilliant rendition of L.A. Woman as usual after being badgered by my hubby to include it! Fantastic gig as always with some new numbers … Anne Cauwood

The Bridge Hotel, Castle Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 22nd August 2015.
Excellent gig guys, our crowd enjoyed it … Angi Wallace
Great gig mate! … Glenn Richardson
Went up the Toon last night to see Tubesnake. Never seen them for yonks. Got soaked twice, both inside and out. Damn good band, beer and company. Thanks chaps! … Colin Anderson

Trillians, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 31st July 2015.
Fab night. Can’t believe you have not been there before! Love you all xxx … Auld Rock Chick
Awesome nite at Trillians. Thanx to Tubesnake for keeping the music class! … Lorraine Sampson
I really enjoyed The Doors last night … Kayleigh
Great gig last night, thank you … Angi Wallace
We had a blast too! … Glenn Richardson
Yes. TUBESNAKE totally rocked Trillians! … Davy Potter

The Tavern, Blyth, Northumberland, Saturday 25th July 2015.
A superb set tonight at the Tavern. Thankyou, guys! … Joan Hewitt

The Lochside, Red Hall Drive, Cochrane Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 18th July 2015.
Great gig! I had a fab birthday bash and the band were spot on as normal. Thanks for a brill night … Alan Gordon
Excellent night at The Lochside! Thanks Guys! x … Mandy Howland
A fabulous night with Tubesnake at The Lochside! … Auld Rock Chick
Had a cracking night oot with Lenny n’ the Tubesnake lads. On top form as per! … Davy Potter

Comment received: 28th May 2015.
Seen Tubesnake twice now. Once at The Plough, Dipton and The Star, Newcastle. Always enjoy them. The frontman is mesmerising … Alan Cawthorne

The Heather Lad Inn, Quarrington Hill, Durham, Saturday 23rd May 2015.
(Stuart Dawson on guitar depping for Martin)
Many thanks for a fantastic nights entertainment at the Heather Lad. A great night and everyone I spoke to after your gig thoroughly enjoyed themselves and said what a really great band you are. So from the ‘Suzuki Owners Club North East Centre’ a very big THANK YOU! … Kevin Close
Well said Mr.Close. I thought they were fab x … Sue Wood
Great band Kev, good choice! … Ian Wilson

The Bridge Hotel, Castle Square, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 2nd May 2015.
Brill night at The Bridge Hotel guys and a new song in the set I noticed (Here Comes The Sun). πŸ˜€ … Auld Rock Chick
Saw you last night at The Bridge Hotel and also last Saturday at The Star Inn. Fantastic. Love all The Doors and Bowie tracks you do. Can’t wait to see you play again … Lindsey Forder
Massive thanks to Tubesnake for an absolutely amazing gig at The Bridge last night … The Bridge Hotel

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Friday 1st May 2015.
Fabulous night. Loadsa beer & a cracking band! Love Tubesnake me. Ziggy Stardust makes my world go round! … Angella Shaw

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 25th April 2015.
Great night! … Michelle McClure
Fab gig as usual! … Lorraine
Fab night as always boys x … Auld Rock Chick
Ace gig and packed to the rafters! … Brian Baty
One of the best Tubesnake gigs to date! … Flamini Flancakes
Second time I’ve seen you and you always deliver. I actually enjoyed you more than UFO across the road!! (at the O2 Academy). Great dark frontman … Alan Cawthorne
Great band. About time they got recognised! … Glenn Richardson

The John Duck, Fri 17th April 2015 (photo by harriet thomson)The John Duck, Claypath, Durham City, Friday 17th April 2015.
Had a really good night tonight, went to the John Duck to see Tubesnake, absolutely fabulous, great songs and a great sound as well, really enjoyed it. Now home having a cheeky vodka and coke and hopefully my ears will stop ringing. x … Pat
Fabulous night spent watching an amazing gig by Tubesnake, thanks guys you were awesome! … Harriet

The Penny Gill, Spennymoor, Co. Durham, Sunday 29th March 2015.
Brilliant set lads – thoroughly enjoyed yesterday in the Penny Gill … Miranda Oliver-Brown

The Station, Fri 20th March 2015 (photo by mandy howland)The Station, Killingworth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Friday 20th March 2015.
What an awesome night with Tubesnake, Auld Rock Chick and the gang! … Mandy Howland
Fab night, always a pleasure to see you’s play. I think we danced from the first song to the last song. x … Auld Rock Chick

The George Stephenson Inn, West Moor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 14th March 2015.
Fab to see you on Saturday – as spectacular as always. x … Helen Buchanan

The Three Tuns, Sheriffs Highway, Gateshead, Friday 6th March 2015.
You’s were Mint at The Three Tuns last night! … Peter Lancaster

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Durham, Friday 13th February 2015.
Very very good!!! Amazing night! … Joel Langford
Lovin’ the new set list. x … Tracy

The Butchers Arms, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 1st February 2015.
Great entertainment at the Butchers yesterday. Thanks lads! … David Lynas
They were brilliant, as ever! … Alyson Wardle

The Conshies, Sun 11th January 2015 (photo by susan cotton)The Conshies Club, Wheatley Hill, Durham, Sunday 11th January 2015.
(photo shows Joe Balmforth on harmonica for ‘Roadhouse Blues’)
Brill night lads! … Liz Bell
Fantastic once again! … Janet Bradshaw
Get them back soon, Susan. Brill! … Christine Carr
Definitely, Christine. They are one of my faves! … Susan Cotton
Yes, a big thanks to the lads for another great day … Gordon Cotton

The George Stephenson Inn, West Moor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 3rd January 2015.
Thanx to all the fab folks who rocked up for Tubesnake. Two tables rocking all nite to one band-class. xx … Lorraine Sampson
Great night! Really enjoyed the gig at the George Stephenson! … Mandy Howland


Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

The Pemberton Arms, Cold Hesledon, Seaham, Friday 18th April 2014.
(Stuart Dawson on guitar depping for Tom)
Just back in from The Pemberton Arms after watching one of the finest bands in the North East. TUBESNAKE put on an excellent performance from the outset, shame there wasn’t more people in. Lenny is one of the finest frontmen I’ve seen. Jim Morrison’s nephew. Ha! Ha! … Johnny Roppa
Great band, Great pub, Perfect match. πŸ˜€ … Pooltable

The Beamish Mary Inn, No Place, Stanley, Saturday 28th December 2013.
(Tony Cawson on guitar depping for Tom)
Tubesnake were fantastic at the Beamish Mary. Tony Cawson was so good on lead guitar he blew the electrics on the second off last song. (Actually our extension reel overheated and blew a fuse … Tubesnake). Sat in a packed room, in the dark with only a few candles, listening to an awesome drum solo. Atmosphere was amazing! … Joel Langford

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Friday 4th October 2013.
The first time that I have had a chance to see Tubesnake and as they appeared at one of the best venues in the North-East I thought why not. This band was brilliant. Loved the stuff they did from David Bowie, The Doors, The Rolling Stones etc. Some great stuff and very well performed. I was most impressed by ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ (Bowie) and ‘Eleanor Rigby’ (The Beatles). The young guitarist, Tom, was fantastic. Great skills and great voice to which he took over a few numbers. Singer – great stage presence and vocals were excellent. Would be an asset to any rock band as he could sing anything. Bass – Chris. Very experienced player. That showed in his playing. Drummer – Great solid player with some great style. πŸ˜€ … Taffy

The John Duck, Durham City, Friday 24th May 2013.
(Steve Gilroy on guitar depping for Tom)
Thanks for a fab night. We just knew you were gonna be good but turned out you’re much better than good! πŸ˜€ … Sioux

The Angel, Durham City, Saturday 9th February 2013.
If you can’t remember The Angel on Saturday night, you weren’t there! … Darrin Banks

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Friday 8th February 2013.
It has been a while since Tubesnake played at the Moorcock and they still have a good following. The pub was full to the rafters enjoying a night of quality Classic Rock with Lenny and the boys! … Joseph T Moss

Annie McCarthy’s, South Shields, Saturday 5th November 2011.
Had a totally fab nite. Will check gig list for next gig in our vicinity. Cheers x … Joyce

The Fat Ox, Whitley Bay, Friday 8th July 2011.
Tubesnake are the best band I have ever had the pleasure to watch at The Fat Ox. If you have never watched this band please go and see them. They have the best front-man ever, and a band that know how to play & enjoy themselves. I had a fantastic night. Thanks to all members of Tubesnake. Fecking Fantastic Band, Set and Guys! … John

Sleepers, East Boldon, Friday 17th June 2011.
Just watched you at Sleepers. Awesome. Different class. Will be seeing ya as many times as possible! … Dave

The Stables Bar, Beamish Hall, Beamish, Sunday 1st May 2011.
Great night at The Stables Bar Beamish. You guys had that place jumping, excellent!! … Denise Ayres
Great tonight guys. In all honesty, I think some of your covers are better than the original tracks! … Derrian Everett

Buffalos Rock Night, Comrades Club, Houghton-le-Spring, Friday 8th April 2011.
Had a brilliant night at The Coms thanks to the fabulous band Tubesnake. I owe Lenny Mustarde a big kiss. πŸ˜€ Should’ve taken the opportunity at half time. Next time Lenny. Had the best Friday night I’ve had in ages thanks to you and the great atmosphere! … Fiona Phillips
Well there was I thinking it would be a bit subdued after last week’s great performance from Black Rose. WAS I WRONG!! Tubesnake blew the roof off, literally. They’ll need to rearrange a ceiling tile after Lenny finished with it. Ha! Ha! The Tubesnake lads stepped it up a notch last night and had the crowd eating out of the palms of their hands. There was a great atmosphere and a great crowd in. One of them got on the stage with his harmonica and toilet roll wrapped around his head. Was very funny, especially after he was stopped from decorating the room with it! We even got The Hunter! What more can you ask for? Great band. Great crowd. Great night. I’m in Heaven again! πŸ˜€ … Dizzy
A special kind of band. I saw their set list and obviously heard what they played and there was a significant difference. Playing what the audience wanted to hear, not necessarily what they, the band wanted to play. Tubesnake lived up to their well deserved reputation as one of the most entertaining bands on the circuit! … Dave Doubledecks

Stormin’ The Castle 2010, Witton Castle, Friday 3rd September 2010.
Tubesnake were a fantastic change of style with their retro 60’s early 70’s brand of classic rock with lots of Bowie, Doors, Stones and others of that ilk. Len rose to the occasion and strutted and posed like there was no tomorrow! … Rockermouth
Caught the end of Tubesnake – fantastic! Filled the stage! … Bad Bob Bates
For me, TUBESNAKE took the roof off. You couldn’t move while they were on! … Paul Smith
Tubesnake, not a band I’ve seen before but will definitely be seeing again, what a band! The front man strutted his stuff as the band played their hearts out. Tom fuelled by a bottle of Bacardi that seemed to disappear a bit quick! … Totalguitar
Oh My God! Saw you guys an’ I loved you. Tom is awesome! Me an’ my friend got a pic with him. LUSH! πŸ˜€ … Caroline
Great stuff at Stormin’ mate. The band rocked! … Graeme Wall
Possibly one of the best Tubesnake gigs I’ve ever seen! … Davey Allen
Your set was brilliant Lenny. The best of the gigs I seen there! … Ron Smith
What a night that was. IMO, Tubesnake were the best band in the main tent. We thought that anyway! … Paul & Julie
Always said Tubesnake were a criminally underrated band! … Paul Sinclair
Currently listening to Tubesnake in my living room! Sounded crystal clear from The Castle to my house. My whole street’s been rocking out. Sounded awesome! x … Lucy Ward

The New Inn, Hetton-le-Hole, Friday 6th August 2010.
Wow! You livened up The Inn. What a night/great band/brilliant tunes! … Blondie

The Masons Arms, Easington Village, Saturday 26th June 2010.
It wasn’t half a good nite! We love seeing them. You’re always guaranteed a good nite with them … Nannanetty

The New Tavern, Concord, Washington, Friday 26th March 2010.
It was quite a relaxed little show until the lads started their second set. As the band ripped into an awesome version of Moonage Daydream it was almost as if the audience suddenly crossed the horizon between having a nice relaxed drink and being β€˜up for it’ as, out of the blue, their reactions became much more animated and the level of applause grew audibly louder. Follow this on with excellent Doors covers including a ballsy Roadhouse Blues, add a showstopper nod to Cream with White Room and you have one happy audience, while a dip into the Stones back catalogue for a barnstorming encore of Sympathy For The Devil finished a very nice show! … Paul Sinclair

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston, Friday 30th October 2009.
Loved the new Stones number (Play With Fire). Cracking turn out. Ziggy, tonight, was the best I’ve ever heard it! … Paul Smith
Tubesnake rocked the house, and brought many followers, you were amazing boys. Come back soon. Lounge Lizard Lenny I’ve never heard you in such great voice! … Moz

Comment received: 4th October 2009.
There are things known and things unknown and in between there is Tubesnake! … Kath Smith

The Mill House, Birtley, Sunday 27th September 2009.
Saw you guys play for the first time tonight and I can tell you it won’t be the last, you were amazing. And Tom, WOW! Such a talented musician, tons of charisma, and only 19! I look forward to seeing you all play again! x … Sarah

The Red Star, Seaham, Friday 31st July 2009.
Went down to watch Tubesnake on Friday Night and was totally blown away! These guys were fantastic and the song selection just ooooooooozzzzzzzzzed sleaze appeal. The only down side was the lack of punters, but this is a new venue. Tubesnake were total professionals and played an absolute blinder. Thanks guys for a class night! πŸ˜€ … Nicko Bamba

Byers Green Club (Private Gig), Saturday 25th July 2009.
I was at that private do and you lads were AWESOME!!!!! Sympathy For The Devil was summat else. Don’t think I’ve heard anything as good as that before and probably never will again … until the next time you play it that is! … John Hutchinson

Buffalos Rock Night, Buffs Social Club, Houghton-le-Spring, Friday 10th July 2009.
Great gig at the Buffs Marra. Your Doors stuff is nailed on! … David Palmer
Class vocals on The Doors numbers. Any band playing a load of Doors songs and doing them well gets a big thumbs up in my book! … Chris of Mirkwood

The Market Tavern, Chester-le-Street, Friday 26th June 2009.
Top gig. Even got a bit of dancing in at the end, which I haven’t done for a while! Loads of Doors numbers too! Another excellent show from the boys. One of my favorite bands at the mo! … Wino Grasshopper

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Durham, Sunday 3rd May 2009.
The gig was absolutely awesome and there was a fantastic atmosphere. You have a great set of musicians and Tom, your guitarist, is in a league of his own. Looking forward to the next one! … Simon Carey

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston, Friday 1st May 2009.
A blisterin’ show by Tubesnake. Guitar thrown around and drums leveled and knocked to shit. Great end to Sympathy! … John

The Old England, Great Lumley, Chester-le-Street, Saturday 4th April 2009.
Nice gig at The Old England. All of the guys, including my American friends, thought your band were brilliant! … Kev

The Hearts Of Oak, Peterlee, Friday 6th March 2009.
What a great night! My mates had never seen Tubesnake before but they were well impressed and are now totally hooked. Very entertaining performance and, in my opinion, faultless from start to finish! … Kaz
Another full house and a wild crowd in. There was even some dancing on the tables going on! Tubesnake were brilliant and a couple of new tunes were thrown in. I thought they were great but I think everything Tubesnake do is great! Thanks for another brill night lads! … Blondy

The Royalty, Sunderland, Friday 30th January 2009.
Fab set! Especially “Walking The Dog”, never before had the pleasure of The Tubey’s version. Milly loves you’s more than a hitcher loves the highway! … Milena

Comment received: 9th November 2008.
Wild website Lenny, probably the best I’ve visited. Must pop along to one of your gigs! … Jav

The Moorcock, Peterlee, Saturday 1st November 2008.
Cracking gig at The Moorcock fellas. Closed my eyes and thought Jim Morrison was singing in a pub in Peterlee! … Tim Ward

Nikhs Bar, Blyth, Northumberland, Saturday 11th October 2008.
Great show. Great sound. Best yet. The Doors and Bowie covers are great and are a must-hear for any fan! … Paul & Jo

The Ropery, Sunderland, Sunday 5th October 2008.
Saw the guys at The Ropery in Sunderland on Sunday for about the 100th time. Just as good as ever like … see you all at the next gig. Keep rockin’! … Rob Haswell

The Hearts Of Oak, Peterlee, Friday 12th September 2008.
Thanks Tubesnake for a brilliant gig at The Hearts. The place was packed and everyone loved the show, you always give 100%, what more could we ask for. Keep on rockin’! … Paula & Andy

The Mill House, Birtley, Sunday 20th July 2008.
Fantastic show guys! Look forward to seeing you again soon! πŸ™‚ … Paul Sinclair
Good to hear a few different ways of putting over some of my fave tracks, in a kind of laid back but totally happening way! The second spot seemed like it was never going to end. Turned out to be a very good Tubes gig! … Paul Smith

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Durham, Saturday 19th July 2008.
Tubesnake were on fire at The Lambton Hounds. They had to play every song they knew because the crowd wouldn’t let them stop, they were still playing at 12.25am when our minibus came. What was the “Crumbliest, Flakiest Chocolate!” about? We just joined in! Great night, well done to Tubesnake! … Blondy

The Star Inn, Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 21st June 2008.
(Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’ on drums depping for Woody)
Happened to go to this pub on the off-chance during a night out in Newcastle and because I enjoyed this band ended staying all night. First time I’ve seen Tubesnake and I was impressed. I thought the stuff they played was refreshing. They did a good job of the Bowie songs and played some other interesting numbers by the likes of Radiohead, Nirvana, Rolling Stones all to a high standard. Even though I’m not a big Doors fan I still enjoyed The Doors stuff they did. The singer and the rest of the lads also looked like they were really enjoying themselves. The singer communicated with the crowd well and I thought guitarist Tom is one of the best on the circuit with a nice clean sound. The bass player sound had a nice tone as well. Praise goes out to the guy who was the dep drummer who did not put a beat wrong! … Holmesc1
I had a cracking time. The band were spot on, as was the Guinness. Was a cracking night. Come back soon! … DeeGee
Let’s hope they come back to The Star again! … Heedbanger

The Victoria Inn, Cassop, Durham, Saturday 14th June 2008.
Hello Lads. Just wanted to say what a cracking time I had at the Vic on Saturday Night. You were all superb and the atmosphere generated was electric, especially as it was just a small venue. Sadly I missed the whole set but what I saw, I was well impressed. Looking forward to seeing you again soon at the Vic. Brilliant stuff lads and thanks for a great night! … Ian

The Clarendon, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 1st June 2008.
Ooh! U boys were amazing, another pretty piece of playfulness from The Toobies has left this young birdy ovawhelmed n charmed. Thanku so much for your Howls n Bangs n Riffs. Milly loves ya’s more than eyeliner x … Milena
Your gig at The Clarendon was the BEST Goddamn gig I have ever seen. Ladies if u like all out sex appeal this band has it all, Lenny’s bod is second to none shadow’d only by the sheer brilliance of Tom’s bottom! Keep up the good work guys! … Hayley

Comment received: 28th April 2008.
Hiya Lads! I didn’t know you were still gigging until I seen a link to your impressive website following a random search for my Durham Snooker Club. It’s really pleasing to know your’e still knocking about and I will definitely pay a visit to your next gig in the Durham area. Look forward to seeing you all again. It’s a shame that it’s no longer appropriate for me to put the bands on, as we all really enjoyed the Tubesnake nights. See you all soon! … Eddie Rhodes, Durham Snooker Club

The Clarendon, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 13th April 2008.
Saw you at The Clarendon yesterday, myself and my friends thought you were absolutely fantastic, what a set list. We rocked our socks off! Can’t wait to see you again at The Mill House. Loadsa Love x x … Laura
Well I must say, you’s were fantastic yesterday, on top form baby! Wicked little boozer that mind, great atmosphere, was like being in ya own front room! … Lizard Queen
Thanks so much for today. I’m in shock. Didn’t realise how amazing you boys are and that’s the opinion of all who witnessed the gig! The set list is God’s jukebox. It’s delivered to perfection. Please get me a copy of your version of Sweet Jane. You lot have adorable stage presence and are addictive viewing but come on Len, your guitarist is an android! Young boys can’t be that good, it’s unreal! Anyway, pleasurable day. Thanks x … Milena

Sleepers, East Boldon, Friday 4th April 2008.
Hi guys. I enjoyed the gig tonight at Sleepers, nice one. What was the one by the Stone Temple Pilots called please as that was a new one to me but I really liked it? (Crackerman) I like your new guitarist Tom, he was good! Very best wishes guys and I hope to catch your act again soon! … Terry Vee

Shamrox, Claypath, Durham City, Saturday 22nd March 2008.
Fantastic gig. Loads of great covers perfectly played. Lead guitar MAD, seemingly destroyed a guitar on stage. Tight, loud and VERY popular. Shamrox was packed. First time I’ve ever seen a queue outside to get in! Band held the audience well and satisfied to the full. Great to meet Lenny from Tubesnake tonight! Favourite has got to be The Stones, ‘Paint It Black’. Pub bounced! BRILLIANT! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Definitely seeing these guys again! … Katey
Just saying how chuffed I am to FINALLY be genuinely impressed + excited by a rock covers band up here … would be surprised to see many better ones in the North East!!! Will be spreading the word for sure. Regarding Woody … Keith Keith Keith Mooooooooooooooooooooooon!!! This guy is the dogs danglies!!! … Ali
What a BITCHIN nite last nite was! A truly excellent performance! Thanx 4 a fab nite!x x … Strawberry Girl

The Ropery, Sunderland, Sunday 9th March 2008.
Managed to get from The Gateshead Guitar Show to The Ropery through match traffic and dragging my son by his ear, kicking and screaming to a long promised venture to Tubesnake World. After trying to suss out who was in the band and who played what, I totally got it wrong, apart from the vocalist whose presence was ‘creepy’ but very entertaining. But what a chanter. I loved him. I know this is no great news to most people but just thought I had to get it off my hairy chest. Music fab. Band fab. That’s it! I will disappear into the void. Ta! Ta! … Bearbum
First time have seen Tubesnake and won’t be the last, absolutely cracking band. Did a really good mix of tracks, particularly enjoyed The Doors, Nirvana and Bowie stuff. Excellent rendition of People are strange! You boys ROCK! … Lizard Queen

The Masons Arms, Easington Village, Saturday 2nd February 2008.
Once again, I don’t think the lads wanted to go home, playing over an hour-long second spot and doing a different set again. For anyone who hasn’t seen Tubesnake in a while, it’s a must! … Paul Smith
We had a great night at The Masons on Saturday, you lads were on fire!! The place was packed out. Loved the changed setlist, much rockier. Hope the drum-kit and guitar have survived the Keith Moon/Pete Townsend treatment. Ha! Ha! One of the best nights we’ve had in ages. Thanks! Can’t wait for the next gig! … Paula & Andy

The Ox Inn, Stanley, Saturday 26th January 2008.
Len was sorting a ‘slide show’, providing a back-drop of Stones, Doors, etc. It was very HOT and the girls standing with me could hardly contain themselves, all six of them. The second spot started about 10.40 ish. Looked like it was going to be an early night, NOT! I’ve never seen the band play with so much ENERGY. They played on and off ’til gone 12 … Paul Smith

The Clarendon, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 13th January 2008.
Aye! Top gig this. Thoroughly enjoyed it. First time I’ve seen Tubesnake. Will definitely be back! … Mutant Agent

Sleepers, East Boldon, Sunday 16th December 2007.
Last night was cracking. A mixed bunch in last night: Rob (The Whole Hog), Mick Bennison (formerly Geordie & Tubesnake) and lead guitarist & singer (Alcatraz House Band) as well as the locals. Really liked the Nirvana and Stones stuff! … Paul Smith

The Beamish Mary Inn, Stanley, (+ support The Glammed), Saturday 1st December 2007.
Last night was a bit of a race against time for both bands. Things were always going to be a bit hectic & rushed beforehand (& in the change-over!) so consequently the sound was never going to be perfect for either band cos there just wasn’t the time, but all things considered I thought both bands pulled it off on the night. We were very pleased with the reception the mainly Tubesnake crowd gave us so we do have to thank them for that! And, of course, we have to thank Len, Woody, Chris & Tom for letting us play at what was really THEIR gig, hence allowing us the opportunity to play our stuff to a different audience to our normal one! … Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’ (The Glammed)

The Pemberton Arms, Seaham, Friday 23rd November 2007.
Tom, you definitely have the X factor. I bet all bands will be queuing up for you in the future, great musician. I had a great night, great numbers. The lads have still got it together, but better. LLLLLLLLenny! hubba! hubba! what a front man. Looking forward to the next Gig. Well Done! … Peachy
It’s been a while since we have seen Tubesnake and it’s the first time with their new guitarist, Tom. What can I say? this lad has talent. Not only can this lad play he moves like he’s loving every minute of it, sometimes falling to his knees giving it what for, great harmonies as well!Β Woody’s drums came across the best I’ve ever heard them and Chris on bass was his usual superb self, couldn’t be faulted, and last but not least, LLLLLLLLLLLenny. WOW!! What a performance. His vocals were spot on and the sound was great, he is so fit, we got plenty of, bending, stretching, hip thrusting and sexy dancing. They have added two or three new numbers to the set. It’s nice not knowing what’s coming next and they kept the crowd in all night which is rare these days for The Pem, and asking around during and after the gig the crowd loved it. Didn’t hear one negative comment. Great night, great crowd, great atmosphere and great band!! Can’t wait to see them again! … Blondy
I am sure all the girlies wanted to be: a) Len’s mike stand b) Len’s towel. LOL. Loved the new numbers in the set. As for Tom OMG how good!! Don’t want to think how good this lad will be by the time he’s 21. The Loverly, Luscious Len is THE best front man! … Fishnetxxx

The Golden Fleece, Sunderland, Wednesday 31st October 2007.
Excellent gig tonight fellas. Peace Out! … Andos

The Ropery, Sunderland, Sunday 7th October 2007.
Thoroughly enjoyed this band, they were a bit good. Not arrf. Tom on guitar was the dogs bollocks. How old is he???? 17? 18? Christ, he must have started playing when he was in utero then. Jesus he was good. Drummer and bassist good lads, well done. Hmmm, think I may have forgotten someone? Wonder who that could be??? Ahhhhh of course, how could I forget the luscious LLLLLLLLLenny???? Well, boy oh boy, this singer certainly knows how to “work it baby”. What a voice, and ladies, LLLLLLLLLeather pants that left nowt to the imagination!!!! Nice bit of eye candy, brightened my Sunday afternoon up a treat. Oh aye, back to the mewsic. They played a very rocky set, with a sprinkling of bluesy numbers, some I knew, some I didn’t, but highlight for me had to be G.L.O.R.I.A. Just love this number. The Alligators do it well but Tubesnake did it with bells on. Bliddy brilliant!!!! This band are mint! … Minxy
Really impressed with Tom, the lad showed no nerves and looked like he was really enjoying it. Len was on fine form, good to watch someone getting well into what they love to do!! The bass and drums were spot on an aal!! Really funny when a lass got up and started to undress Len as he was chanting. The look on his face was priceless!! A new look Tubesnake to watch and in my opinion a very heavy feel to the band!! … Marky (Sticky Fingers)
I’ve seen Tubesnake a handful of times and always enjoyed it, but first time with Tom playing lead. Cracking good guitarist. Loved every minute of both sets! … Paul Smith

The Clarendon, East End, Sunderland, Sunday 30th September 2007.
Just thought I’d say you were excellent at The Clarendon. Eleanor Rigby is a classic! … Tom (The Glammed)
Just wanted to let you know I saw you play at The Clarendon yesterday and you were brill!!! Totally fantastic, definitely gonna catch you all again real soon, I’m hooked!!!!!!!! … Julie

Comment received: March 2007.
We here at The Glammed H.Q. would like to extend our thanks to Len from Tubesnake for not only helping us out with the P.A. last Saturday 3rd March at our gig at The George in Rickleton but also for enhancing our performance further by joining us on stage for the latter half of the second set and taking lead vocals for some 70s classics! Those there all agreed it was a rare treat and rounded off the evening magnificently! … Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’ (The Glammed)


Eighth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Dave Lunn (Guitar), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass)

The Mill House, Birtley, Sunday 27th August 2006.
Ya should have been there Sunday! The band’s rendition of ‘G.L.O.R.I.A.’ would have blown your head off! … Jules

Comment received: 4th May 2006.
Worked at The Rock Bar in Easington a few years back in 2002. Always a good gig. Always asked for my favourite ‘White Room’ before they left, usually got my own way. Lol. Visited Easington last year to find that the Rock Bar had been demolished! Very upsetting, had some great times in there! I wish all the lads (especially Len, he does something to me!) all the very best in their future ventures. Love to all x … Karen

Washington F.C., (Three band Rock Fest), Sunday 16th April 2006.
Caught up with you lot again at Washington Football Club. You were brilliant! Been a few years since I saw you and you’re still fantastic! … Reaver

Comment received: March 2006.
Been to several gigs now, each one a brilliant performance by the band members, energetic, unique and enthusiastic are just a few words to describe this progressive rock band xx … Susan Blackett

Springwell W.M.C., Springwell Village, Gateshead, (Mandy’s 40th), Saturday 4th february 2006.
Thanx for Saturday. Brilliant. Everyone enjoyed themselves! … Mandy and Colin

The Beamish Mary Inn, No Place, Stanley, New Year’s Eve Saturday 31st December 2005.
The band are amazing. I really enjoyed the whole performance. Len you are sexy and your eyes say it all! … Julia

Sleepers, East Boldon, Friday 9th September 2005.
Another cracking gig this evening guys at Sleepers, just kicking myself for not going to Stormin’ now! … Ainsley Wills

Stormin’ The Castle 2005, Witton Castle, Friday 2nd September 2005.
Stormin’ with Tubesnake featuring our very own “Lizard King” opening to over 2000 punters. A great band who well deserved this honour. More of the same please! … Cheap Trick

The Mill House, “Marquee Rock Fest”, Birtley, Monday 29th August 2005.
Fantastic gig at the Mill House festival. The guys went down a storm! … Raquel

The Office, South Shields, Friday 7th January 2005.
A marvellous start to 2005 with a great gig from TUBESNAKE. Those that weren’t there missed a treat. From start to finish the band rocked along playing songs from The Doors, Bowie, Lou Reed, and even The Beatles. If you’re sick and tired of hearing ‘Paranoid’, ‘All Right Now’, ‘Can’t Get Enough’ etc. Get yourselves along and see TUBESNAKE! … Davy Potter