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La Oficina

6 November, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Office, South Shields, Friday 6th November 2009. After playing here so many times in the past it seemed unbelievable that we hadn’t played this venue since September 2006. Woody missed it and we had Waka, from The Glammed, standing in for him on the drums. Not a massive audience, but a keen one, and […]

Driving Miss Daisy

30 October, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Daisy Hill, Sacriston, Friday 30th October 2009. Just a word to say thanks to everyone who made the effort and turned up to the Daisy Hill tonight. First Tubesnake gig for almost three weeks and a damned good night. The crowd were behind us from song one. As well as the regulars, would like […]

Heart ‘n’ Soul Rally 2009

19 September, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The 18th “Heart ‘n’ Soul Rally”, Friday 18th to Sunday 20th September 2009 featured camping, Custom Bike Show & Prizes, Ride Out, Late Bar & Food Facilities, Trade Stands, Rally Pin, Bike Games plus 9 live bands and disco. JIAB, Bruder, The Whole Hog and Bessie & The Zinc Buckets appeared on Friday with E-Men-City, […]

£800 Raised For St.Cuthbert’s Hospice At Pity Me Woodstock

30 August, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Lambton Hounds Open Air Rock Festival, Sunday 30th August 2009. This was a fundraiser for St.Cuthbert’s Hospice in Durham which featured Real Ales – Bouncy Castle – BBQ – Live Bands 1.15pm – Ha’Waysis (Oasis tribute), 2.45pm – Bad Lashes (Vocal-Heavy Girl Indie Band), 4.15pm – Victims Of The Fury (Cream, Trower, Hendrix). 5.45pm […]


22 August, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Masons Arms, Easington Village on Saturday 22nd August 2009. We ain’t played here since June last year and it was good to be back. This gig was like Masons Arms gigs of old with basically a full house and a tremendous crowd. Waka stood in on drums and managed to put a hole in […]

Red Star Delivers

31 July, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Friday 31st July 2009 at The Red Star, Seaham. This is a new venue on the circuit and I believe we were only the third band to play there on their new Friday Rock Night slot. Consequently, there weren’t many punters but those who attended gave us a very enthusiastic reception. In our opinion the […]

Buffalo Stance

10 July, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Excellent night at Buffalos Rock Night at The Buffs Social Club in Houghton-le-Spring, Friday 10th July 2009. We had a great crowd who applauded well, made a lot of supportive noise and put the dance floor to good use. This gig exceeded all our expectations since the turn-out and audience response far surpassed our experiences […]

Independance Day

4 July, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Egypt Cottage, Newcastle, Saturday 4th July 2009. Another great gig with our favourite stand-in drummer, Waka. We love this venue but whispers of its’ impending closure are rife! … Lenny

Fire & Brimstone

20 June, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Thanks to all the peeps and freaks who made our gig at The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, on Saturday 20th June 2009 a memorable evening. A great crowd which included mega party animals who danced like demons, fell over, flashed lingerie and feminine body parts (if you were lucky enough to be in the right […]

Laid At The Mill House

14 June, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Sunday 14th June 2009 at The Mill House, Birtley. Rearranged the set and did the first half acoustic, second half full electric. Made a nice change for a Sunday night (the only Sunday night we still do) at a venue which has moved from a full-on party ambience in years gone by to a more […]

La Vuelta De Las Serpientes (The Return)

8 June, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Two excellent gigs over the weekend after four weeks off due to holidays which found Chris cruisin’ the Caribbean and me doing the Spanish stroll in Calpe, about an hour from Alicante. Cracking gig at Crook F.C. on Saturday 6th June and an even more intense gig at The Clarendon in Sunderland at 5pm on […]

Sand Dancing Days

9 May, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Another first time venue for us at Annie McCarthy’s, South Shields, Saturday 9th May 2009. Really enjoyed this gig in my home town, I was born and lived in Shields ’til aged 9 when we moved to Durham. My wider family were there for years after so I remained a constant visitor and my dad, […]

Three Tuns Of Tubesnake

21 March, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

First time for us at The Three Tuns, Gateshead, Saturday 21st March 2009. Wasn’t too sure what to expect although I’d seen a few pics on various web sites. What a class venue! Black walls with a wall-hugging “Three Tuns” vinyl back-drop behind the band and some nicely supplied in-house lights directed onto a raised […]

Shamrox, Durham Friday 20th February 2009

20 February, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Pennyroyal Tea

30 January, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Friday 30th January 2009 at The Royalty in Sunderland. Gigged here for the first time in November and thought it was a class night. Our second visit tonight was even better! Excellent turn out. Loadza room for us and lotza bods giving it some hefty appreciation. Someone even asked me if we did any ‘Rush’? […]

Little Egypt

17 January, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Saturday 17th January 2009. What a bloody great gig! First time at The Egypt Cottage next to the now redundant Tyne Tees TV Studios on City Road in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The weather was pretty atrocious so I was worried that we may not get a good turnout, plus the pub ain’t exactly town centre and is […]

¿Dónde Está Mi Guitarra?

16 January, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Market Tavern in Chester-le-Street, Friday 16th January 2009. Great gig at one of the narrowest venues in the North-East (for the audience at least). Chris strangely forgot to bring his bass guitars (Heh! Heh!) so thanks to Lorenzo from The Dark Horses for stepping in with a spare. Another gig where the crowd is […]

El Clarendon En Su Cara

11 January, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Clarendon in Sunderland, Sunday, 11th January 2009. Class gig yet again at the most intimate venue in the world!

NYE 2008 @ Crook F.C.

31 December, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Thanks to Marshall and Graeme on the door, for continuing to man their posts while ‘on the door’ sales took the numbers attending to just over the 100 required to confirm this gig as a ‘sell-out’. The Unnamed, put out a very strong 45 mins to kick the night off, my personal favourite being She […]

Tubesnake SOLD OUT!

13 December, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Saturday 13th December 2008.

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