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Sand Dancing Days

9 May, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Another first time venue for us at Annie McCarthy’s, South Shields, Saturday 9th May 2009. Really enjoyed this gig in my home town, I was born and lived in Shields ’til aged 9 when we moved to Durham. My wider family were there for years after so I remained a constant visitor and my dad, Len Mustarde, played for South Shields Cricket Club at Westoe for over 20 years. Our gig at Annie’s had a bunch of people who were there for the night as well as a constant stream of pub-circuit party peeps. It was like our audience kept changing every three songs or so as one batch left and another arrived but the place was never empty. Thanks to the dude who danced liked a shaman possessed for most of the night (very appropriate for all our Doors stuff too!), the appreciative crowd and the party-girls who burst in on the scene for the last few numbers in their wonderfully short skirted sailor-suits with white stocking hold-ups and cute hats. Special thanks to two of them who crashed the stage, danced, fell over repeatedly, grabbed the mike, helped Woody play the drums with a spare stick, posed for photos and generally added a new level of entertainment for the audience while narrowly managing not to wreck any of our gear. Couldn’t have asked for a better finale than these girls and Woody kicking the kit over. Uplifting! … Lenny