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Buffalo Stance

10 July, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Excellent night at Buffalos Rock Night at The Buffs Social Club in Houghton-le-Spring, Friday 10th July 2009. We had a great crowd who applauded well, made a lot of supportive noise and put the dance floor to good use. This gig exceeded all our expectations since the turn-out and audience response far surpassed our experiences at other club gigs we’ve been asked to do. At this venue, the audience pay good money to gain entrance so you know they’ve turned up specifically to see and hear the live act. They’re in it for the musical experience and there’s no bingo getting in the way. Plus, the stage and room size allowed us to connect with the audience since they didn’t appear to be miles away as in some sprawling club rooms. Definitely a venue we’d like to return to! … Lenny