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The Prettiest Star

29 November, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Star Inn, Newcastle, Sunday 29th November 2009. We’ve already played a couple of Saturday nights at this pub over the last year or so but this was our first Sunday afternoon slot which kicked off at 4pm. It’s a really neat venue at the bottom of Westgate Road, directly opposite The O2 Academy, and we love it. We kicked off with Suffragette City and an audience of about 25 in the room, which was a little disappointing considering the excellent attendance we’d had at our previous two Saturday night gigs. We put this down to the atrocious weather outside but we were really up for this gig and went for it anyway. Whatever! Towards the end of the first set the number of bods had ballooned and the place had really filled up. The crowd swell was helped not least by a large bunch of girl/boy youth from Maryport who had a gig to attend at The Academy over the road later that night. Many thanks to them for their enthusiastic participation. The pub remained packed and we ended with a couple of blistering encores and a feeling that all involved had a great afternoon! … Lenny