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Little Egypt

17 January, 2009 | Tubesnake Gigs

Courtesy of Informer MagazineSaturday 17th January 2009. What a bloody great gig! First time at The Egypt Cottage next to the now redundant Tyne Tees TV Studios on City Road in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. The weather was pretty atrocious so I was worried that we may not get a good turnout, plus the pub ain’t exactly town centre and is a little out on a limb. No worries! We had a near full house and the atmosphere was excellent. Tom and Chris swapped sides so that Tom’s guitar could cut through to the crowd instead of bouncing off the staircase, which incidentally was the best prop I’ve experienced since the lamp-post at The Beamish Mary. That staircase gave me something to hang off and leer at the audience. Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’, standing in on drums, commented that he hadn’t been behind a kit since he last depped for us at The Star Inn, Newcastle, in June 2008. Well he certainly hadn’t lost his touch and did a brilliant job for us. Thanks for the positive reaction from everyone in the crowd. We return to The Egypt Cottage on Friday 3rd April! … Lenny

A rare, but welcome visit north of the River Tyne saw Tubesnake cram in to the Egypt Cottage in Newcastle. Crammed not just because of the tight space the bands have to play in, but the band drew in a very good crowd on what was a pretty awful night weatherwise, and a great atmosphere was created as the band stormed through those Doors, Bowie, Stones classics. ‘Waka’ from The Glammed sat in on the tubs, and a great night was had by all. Ain’t seen the place so full for a long time, and the girls even managed to find space for a bit of dancing. One of the best bands on the circuit and a must see band if you ain’t seen them yet! … Davy Potter, DavysRockPage