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Heart ‘n’ Soul Rally 2009

6 January, 2009 | Tubesnake News

Tubesnake have just accepted an invitation to play at this year’s Heart ‘n’ Soul Rally at Gosforth Racecourse at 8.15pm on Saturday 19th September 2009. This time we have been promoted from playing in the Silver Ring Bar as we did last September to doing a straight hour and a half set on the main […]

Happy New Year 2009

1 January, 2009 | Tubesnake News

Snake Break 2008 Vol. III

16 November, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Third break for 2008. Two weeks this time while Chris da Bass revisits his Jamaican cousins on his third cruise of the year. Meanwhile the rest of us might scrape together enough cash to get a return train fare for a night out in Newcastle. Heh! Heh! Back on the road on 30th November at […]


5 November, 2008 | Tubesnake News

¡Ay, Caramba! We’ve got a weekend off due to other commitments, seasonal illness, christmas shopping and the “Will to be Weird” but not necessarily in that order. Looking forward to a first appearance at The Royalty in Sunderland on the 14th November (used to drink there when I was a student at Sunderland Poly … […]

Moorhen Madness

18 October, 2008 | Tubesnake News

After two planned practice sessions were cancelled this week due to work committments, we’re looking forward to our gig at The Bonny Moorhen in Stanhope tomorrow at 5pm, Sunday 19th October 2008. Tom’s up in Glasgow this weekend checking out Tigers on Vaseline (Bowie Tribute) but he’ll be back tomorrow for a gig at one […]

Clarendon Resurrection

2 October, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Good to hear that The Clarendon in Sunderland has once again opened its’ doors to live music and we’re booked to play there on Sunday 26th October 2008 at 4pm. Bring it on!


1 September, 2008 | Tubesnake News

One year ago today our website was launched so Happy Birthday to and many, many thanks to everyone who checks out the site and especially to those of you who have contributed your comments, photos and artwork. Rock on!

Snake Break 2008 Vol. II

4 August, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Second big break of the year and another three weeks off while Woody and Chris circumnavigate the globe.

Bringing It All Back To The Beamish Mary

25 July, 2008 | Tubesnake News

The Beamish Mary Inn in No Place, Stanley. Historically, this pub is known for great food and real-ale (won many awards) and, at one time, for being an excellent MUSIC VENUE with bands twice a week. Music has not been a real feature at The Beamish for quite a while now, with just a handful […]

Pushing Up Daisies

11 July, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Great (big) venue this. Good stage for snake charmers. Dance Floor for boogaloids. Tons of room for ya’s to drink while ya sit, stand, lie down or fall over. Shed some skin and start your weekend with a bang. Come and see TUBESNAKE at The Daisy Hill, Sacriston, Friday 11th July, 2008. Gig starts at […]

Farming Outlook

13 June, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Out and about in the meadows of Durham and Weardale this weekend. First time at The Victoria Inn in Cassop for us on Saturday night 14th June. A new venue is always interesting because you just don’t know what to expect. Try and get along to support us. Sunday, 15th June, we’re off to Stanhope. […]

What Eva?

11 June, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Sunday Sun

8 June, 2008 | Tubesnake News

While I was flitting around a very sunny North East dropping Tubesnake posters off at The Star Inn in Newcastle, then checking out the newly extended and refurbished Mill House at Birtley before finally popping into The Market Tavern in Chester-le-Street to enquire about future gigs; Tom had a Sunday afternoon warm-up spot at The […]

Gabby Gabby Hey

10 May, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Just back from a week in Malia, Crete and a bunch of us were blown away by a tiny little rock-bar called The Cavern which we frequented most nights from 11pm onwards. It’s the only bar in the area that plays rock music, delivered by a cute Romanian girl named Gabriella (Gabby) on her twin […]

Snake Break 2008 Vol. I

1 May, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Three whole weeks off for us dudes. See ya on Friday 23rd May at The Market Tavern, Chester-le-Steet. Great little gig this. Squeeze in and we’ll show you our holiday snaps.

Strange Brew

21 March, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Thousands of rock fans have raised a glass or two over the years to toast the exploits of North East rock band Tubesnake but now Pelaw Grange Greyhound Stadium have had a Real Ale brewed in their honour. Lead Singer and founder member of Tubesnake Lenny Mustarde is delighted at having a beer named after […]

The Return Of Wakfish

28 February, 2008 | Tubesnake News

Our gig on Saturday 1st March 2008 at The Ox Inn, Stanley, sees Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’ from The Glammed depping on drums once again. Today, poor Woody received a blow to the head at work after being challenged by some kitchen stock in his warehouse resulting in the need for stitches. He has been ordered […]

Happy House Christmas From Tubesnake

25 December, 2007 | Tubesnake News

Sun Of A Beach

21 September, 2007 | Tubesnake News

¡Hola Desde España! Sending this message from an internet-cafe in Spain. How´s everything in good old Inglaterra? End of a chill-out week in Calahonda, sandwiched between Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol. Plenty of sun and way too many cervezas of course, but hey, you gotta enjoy yourself. Catch you at a Tubesnake gig soon. ¡Hasta Luego! … Lenny

Tubesnake Is Dead. Long Live Tubesnake.

2 September, 2007 | Tubesnake News

As the shiny New Year 2007 ‘broke on through’, our main-man guitarist Dave Lunn announced his decision to leave the band after more than 10 years doing the Tubesnake Boogie to concentrate on his already established other projects White Noise and Sabattica. He’s doing excellent in these bands so, “Rock on!”. The three of us decided to look for two new guitarists and return to the 5-piece format we’d previously […]

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