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The Doors: Touch Me

18 January, 2011 | Video

Touch Me (1968)

One of The Door’s most famous television appearances is their performance of Touch Me on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour along with the single’s B-side, Wild Child. The taping date was December 6, 1968 with air date of December 15th. During the performance, Jim Morrison missed his cue for the lines “C’mon, c’mon” and Robby Krieger could be seen with a black eye. Krieger stated in several interviews given after Morrison’s death that Morrison had given him the black eye during a confrontation; ironically, Krieger’s original title for the song was “Hit Me.” The group is backed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, plus Curtis Amy duplicating the saxophone solo he also performed on the studio version.

Happy New Year 2011

1 January, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Happy New Year 2011

Star Of Wonder, Star Of Light

17 December, 2010 | Tubesnake News

Like the three kings of Orient, follow yonder star and catch Tubesnake this Sunday afternoon 19th December at The Star Inn, Newcastle for some pre-Christmas cheer. The gig starts at 4pm and feel free to come bearing gifts just like those guys.

Holidays In The Sun

6 November, 2010 | Tubesnake News

No gigs until Saturday 11th December when we’ll be making a return to The Royalty in Sunderland. That’s four weekends ruled out due to other committments and one band member sailing off on another world cruise. Time to update the ipod and catch The Doors Alive at The O2 Academy on the 27th November.

Tubesnake: Sweet Jane (Live)

2 October, 2010 | Video

Sweet Jane (2010)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at The Grand, Bishop Auckland, Saturday 2nd October 2010.

thanks to Alan Walton for this video

Big Jugs On Full Display

17 September, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Friday 17th September 2010 at The Big Jug, Claypath, Durham City. Class night at a venue Tubesnake ain’t played for over ten years. In that dark and distant past the band line-up and the venue itself looked a tad different. Packed pub for the first half and a good sized audience was retained for the second, even though some of the original punters moved on to sample the delights of the bars around The Gala Theatre during the middle break. Some fresh bods ventured in for the second set and the floor space freed-up after the initial crush meant that those dancing girls (and blokes) could let loose and start kicking out in a sweaty swaithe of self-expression. Have to say thanks to the street performer guy who came up to the mic in the middle of the first set wanting to join in with his accordian. After discussing what he had in his repertoire we, and the audience, provided him with the vocals for his short rendition of ‘When The Saints Go Marching In’, following which, he placed a 50p piece on the floor in front of us and left. You couldn’t write the script. Excellent night! … Lenny

Tubesnake: When The Music’s Over (Live at Stormin’ 2010)

3 September, 2010 | Video

When The Music’s Over (2010)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at Stormin’ The Castle, Witton Castle, Friday 3rd September 2010.

thanks to Auld Rock Chick for this video

Stormin’ The Castle 2010

3 September, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Stormin’ The Castle Friday 3rd September 2010 (photo by magic marty)

Pity Me Woodstock II … It Rocked! You Missed It!

29 August, 2010 | Tubesnake News

Pity Me Woodstock IIFollowing on from The Lambton Hounds Open Air Rock Festival on the bank holiday weekend of August 2009, which became affectionately known as Pity Me Woodstock, the pub has decided to re-host the event this year on a slightly smaller scale.

Last year featured Ha’Waysis, Bad Lashes and Victims of The Fury who each played on a trailer in the car park. Due to the ensuing torrential rain, Diamond Dogs and Tubesnake played their sets indoors.

This year, various acoustic players will perform in the beer garden over the course of the afternoon. If the weather fails, this will occur indoors. The evening will be filled by two live bands playing inside the pub. Durham band, Sabotage will kick off around 6.30-7pm for an hour and a half playing covers from the likes of Kasabian, Primal Scream, Stone Roses, The Strokes and more. Tubesnake will then perform two full sets from 9pm until late.

The whole event begins at noon on Sunday 29th August 2010 and also features a selection of Real Ales, BBQ, a Cupcakes stall and bouncy castle for the kids.

Tickets at £5 are available from the pub or you can pay on the day (kids free).

Coming Up For Air

14 August, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Saturday 14th August 2010. Our first visit to Bubbles in Ashington. Canny drive out since we’re from Durham and Crook but that passed in no time. Great feel to this venue with the blacked out stage in the corner adorned with a range of spot lights and appropriate framed rock shots hanging on all the walls. We had a great gig and were well appreciated and the numbers attending continued to rise throughout the night since a rock DJ takes over after the band and plays on til 2am. Good mix and age range in the crowd too with plenty dancing girls / ladies dressed in all their finery. Playing somewhere new often leads to an extra buzz and this night was no exception. Great venue! Great crowd! Thanks to everyone who joined in.

Stormin’ The Castle 2010 Main Stage Line-Up

1 August, 2010 | Tubesnake News

Stormin’ The Castle 2010The full line-up of bands for the 20th Anniversary Stormin’ The Castle is now sorted.

On the Main Stage, Friday 3rd September, Mother Earth open the proceedings, followed by Tubesnake, then The Force and closed by head-liners Powerage.

On the Main Stage, Saturday 4th September, the opening act is Radge Against The Machine, followed by Voodoo Six, then The Pistoleros and finally this year’s main head-line band The Stranglers.

For ticket information check out the Stormin’ website:

Dancing Dales

11 July, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Bonny Moorhen, Stanhope, Sunday 11th July 2010. Always a pleasure to do this gig seeing as we know half the town. Woody took the scenic route and we were set up with plenty of time to spare for a bit crack with the locals while The Doors album, LA Woman, played over our PA and drifted into the beer garden which was now sundrenched. Chris did us all a favour and brought his number one fan with him. Not that leggy blonde that follows him around but the type you plug in and keeps you cool on stage. As anticipated, there was an excellent turn-out and atmosphere as we kicked off at 4.30pm to ensure we were finished before the World Cup Final. Chucked in We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, a new one for the current band line-up but this song was a set regular in the first incarnation of Tubesnake back in the 90’s. A great gig and a great day out in Stanhope! … Lenny

Ship Ahoy!

20 June, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Sunday 20th June 2010. Our first gig at The Ship in Eighton Banks. Good little gig this one with a 6 o’clock start and all done by 8.15pm. Excellent weather meant there was a good turn out with plenty of people inside and almost as many sitting outside catching some rays. Again, another venue with very little room for the band but you just gotta wedge yourselves in there and get on with it.

Snakes In The Grass

4 June, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Back on the road after three weeks off. Friday 4th June 2010. First visit to The Saltgrass, Sunderland and although the room is only big enough to swing a cat and a half we had a great night. Nice and packed and almost felt like the audience and the bar itself were part of the band space. We’re back for a swift return on Friday 23rd July! … Lenny

Live Lounge Lizard Kings

14 May, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Durham Live Loung Friday 14th May 2010 (photo by graham stearman)

Friday 14th May 2010 at Durham Live Lounge in North Road, Durham City. A cracking night at this new venue with TUBESNAKE opening at 9pm with an hour long set. Loved the ‘live’ performance video being projected behind us. Hey, this place used to be a cinema years ago. Young local band END REIGN were up next, followed by CURB CRAWL from Leeds and a Rock DJ played on til 2am. Not bad seeing as the whole event was free entry.

Tubesnake: People Are Strange (Live)

2 May, 2010 | Video

People Are Strange (2009)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at the Heart ‘n’ Soul Rally, Newcastle Racecourse, Saturday 19th September 2009.

thanks to Brian Baty for this video

Ashes To Ashes

30 April, 2010 | Tubesnake News

Got some serious problems with sending emails at the moment so in answer to Henry Dawson’s email from a couple of days ago … No, we’re not playing The Wheatsheaf in Sunderland on Saturday 1st May and were never down for that date. We were in fact booked to play The Wheatsheaf on Saturday 22nd May but the recent cancellation of flights due to the “Ash Cloud” has meant Chris, on bass, has had to move his holidays and we’ve had to cancel The Wheatsheaf date. The venue has been informed and we are waiting to see if we can get another date sorted. Cheers!

Stable Bar Rock

16 April, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Friday 16th April 2010 at The Stables Bar & Brewery, Beamish Hall, near Stanley. This was a well attended gig made up of boat loads of friends from Durham, Chester-le-Street and Stanhope plus a big bunch of peeps who turned up to check us out as well as party-people diners who capped their night off with some furious dancing to work off their three courses. In fact, the dance floor was never empty from song three onwards. Great atmosphere and a damned good night! … Lenny

Buffalo Soldiers

9 April, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Buffalos Friday 9th April 2010 (photo by dave fulton)Friday 9th April 2010, Buffalos Rock Night at The Buffs Social Club, Houghton-le-Spring. A tremendous night was had at Buffalos! Almost a year since we last gigged here and we had a good sized crowd in again. This is an excellent venue filled with music fans who pay £2.50 for their musical fix and we did our best to entertain and give them their money’s worth. Judging by the response we received and the copious amounts of dancing that took place we reckon we did a pretty good job. Chucked in Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane following a request from a member of the audience. This song is no longer a regular in our set and fairly sure the last time we played it was the last time we were at this venue. Thanks once again to Buffalos for the invite and we’d be more than happy to play there again. Rock on! … Lenny

Resurrection Shuffle

4 April, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

Easter Sunday, 4th April 2010 at The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Durham. Our 5 o’clock start was delayed til 5.30pm as Tom and Woody raided a nearby mate’s garage to retrieve a replacement guitar amp after Tom’s gave up the ghost during the soundcheck. This allowed a few more punters to assemble and empowered the band to deliver the goods with a hightened passion from the outset in a deliberate attempt to eradicate the uncertainty caused by the faulty gear. The gig soared! First airing for The Last Time by The Rolling Stones and N.I.B. by Black Sabbath which were both well received by the crowd. Thanks to all who attended and helped create yet another natural high! … Lenny

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