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1 September, 2012 | Tubesnake News

It’s five years today since our website was launched on 1st September 2007. Eternally grateful to good friend and web-guru Dan Mullen for doing all the original set up of the site and for teaching me the skills needed to continue to manage it. 2007 also saw the ninth line-up change for Tubesnake when guitarist Tom Atkinson joined the band forming the line-up which still stands up to this point. Speaking of the passing of time, a major landmark will be reached later this month when Tubesnake celebrate 20 years of gigging. Now, That’s Entertainment! … Lenny

We Love Our Audience

10 July, 2012 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Vic, Saturday 30th June 2012 (photo by bruce barlow)Riding on the back of our 3-gig mini tour of Durham we travelled North at the end of June and into July to perform another 3-gig mini tour in the Gateshead/Newcastle area. We drew some excellent crowds at The Vic and The Three Tuns in Gateshead followed by a class Sunday afternoon gig at The Star Inn in Newcastle. Many thanks to our friends Waka and Martin Bell for depping on the drums at a number of these gigs. Also, would like to say cheers to photographer Bruce Barlow for taking a whole bunch of shots and a video at The Vic gig. We do love a good audience and all of these gigs were well attended by people who really got into it and proceeded to show their appreciation accordingly. If you’re reading this and were present at any of these events, Cheers!

City Of Angels

2 June, 2012 | Tubesnake Gigs

As expected, a great gig at The Angel Inn, Durham City on Saturday 2nd June 2012. Our recent practice meant we had three new songs in the set. ‘God Save The Queen’, bit of a one-off for the forthcoming Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend, ‘Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ and the classic, although not so well known, ‘Waiting For The Sun’ by The Doors. ‘Waiting For The Sun’ is the title of The Doors third album and they tried to record the song in those sessions but didn’t like how it came out. They brought it back two years later and included it on their fifth album, ‘Morrison Hotel’. The Angel gig was the first of three we have in the Durham area this month. We’re also booked to play The Lambton Hounds in Pity Me on Friday 15th June and return to the city to play The Big Jug in Claypath on Friday 22nd June … Lenny

Fundraiser & Acoustic Buskers Night

2 May, 2012 | Music News

Tubesnake are now on a month-long break from gigs, our next one being at The Angel in Durham on Saturday 2nd June. This post is a plug for an event taking place at my local this Sunday.

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Sunday 6th May.
This day-long event is a charity fundraiser for St. Cuthbert’s Hospice. It begins at 12 noon and features a selection of Real Ales, BBQ and Cupcakes Stall. There’s a Raffle with some top-notch prizes and a “Dartathon” (in which six players will be sponsored to reach a total score of 100,000). I will be hosting an ‘Acoustic Buskers Night’ from 9pm and will start the ball rolling with some vocal/acoustic guitar numbers. See you there if you wanna be part of this event and maybe get up later and show off your musical talent … Lenny

David Bowie: Five Years (Old Grey Whistle Test)

5 December, 2011 | Video

Five Years (1972)

Recorded live for BBC2, Tuesday February 8th 1972.

Tubesnake: People Are Strange (Live)

27 August, 2011 | Video

People Are Strange (2011)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at The Angel, Durham City, Saturday 18th June 2011.

thanks to Brian Baty for this video

Tubesnake Archives: The Stonedoors Gig 3rd July 1997

24 August, 2011 | Tubesnake Archives

The Stonedoors


21 July, 2011 | Trivia


First Of May

1 May, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Tonight, Sunday 1st May 2011, we’re playing at The Stables Bar, in the grounds of Beamish Hall. Been a great day so far with all this sun and blue sky but if you fancy rounding it off with a bit of Tubesnake Boogie in some very impressive surroundings then we’ll see ya later. Gig starts 8.30pm.

Easter Sunday Crook-Rock

20 April, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Crook FC Rock Fest 24 April 2011You’ve got free entry to the Crook FC Mini Rock-Fest on Sunday 24th April 2011.

The event opens at 5pm and features three bands who will perform inside the clubhouse.

First up … Propa-Ganda

Next … The Bandits

Finally … Tubesnake



Tubesnake Step Out For Brothel Creepers At The Clarendon

11 April, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Our planned gig at The Clarendon in Sunderland on Sunday, 17th April 2011 has had to be cancelled due to Chris on bass receiving rather a large number of stitches in one of his playing hands. Tom, from Tubesbake, has filled the gap with his other band, The Brothel Creepers. They play an eclectic mix of pumped-up cheese apparently and the gig kicks off around 4pm so why not go check ’em out.

Buffalo Comrades

8 April, 2011 | Tubesnake Gigs

Buffalos Rock Night. We had a class gig at The Comrades Club, Houghton-le-Spring tonight, Friday 8th April 2011. The Rock Night has been re-sited to The Comrades from Buffs Social Club, also in Houghton, and has lost none of its’ appeal as a cracking night out. Thanks to the guy who joined us on stage for a number with his blues harmonica. Great atmosphere and a very appreciative crowd! … Lenny


22 March, 2011 | Lyrical Snippets


Comfortable flats and broad brimmed hats
Beach women bask beneath azure skies
Young girls shimmer in silky poses
Some wear shells from the deepest seas
You can see Africa on a clear day

Strange tongues whispering on the breeze
Dead bird bones bleach in the midday sun
Shabby old men sit smoking with
Faces like the bark of old olive trees
Ancient mountains watching over

Stepping over scorching sands
Seeking shade from the relentless sun
Vivid blue meets earth on the horizon
Hungry eyes dine on the visual feast
This is a land of ancient beauty

Gentle breeze comes in off the water
Birds swoop and dance while the
Patient fisherman stands alone
This is a land of ancient beauty
You can see Africa on a clear day

… Lenny 8th June 2007

Waiting For The Sun

22 February, 2011 | Fotografía

Tubesnake: Stormin’ The Castle, Friday September 3rd 2010.

Stormin’ 2010 (photo by Craig Hay)

Expresso Bongo

27 January, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Due to Woody undergoing treatment on one of his drumming arms, tomorrow’s gig at The Three Tuns, Friday 28th January 2011, will see Waka (The Glammed) taking the stage as our stand-in drummer for the night. This is a role he’s helped us out with on quite a number of occasions now so business as usual. Gig starts 9pm.

Femme Fatale

24 January, 2011 | Fotografía

Ride The Snake

The Doors: Touch Me

18 January, 2011 | Video

Touch Me (1968)

One of The Door’s most famous television appearances is their performance of Touch Me on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour along with the single’s B-side, Wild Child. The taping date was December 6, 1968 with air date of December 15th. During the performance, Jim Morrison missed his cue for the lines “C’mon, c’mon” and Robby Krieger could be seen with a black eye. Krieger stated in several interviews given after Morrison’s death that Morrison had given him the black eye during a confrontation; ironically, Krieger’s original title for the song was “Hit Me.” The group is backed by the Nelson Riddle Orchestra, plus Curtis Amy duplicating the saxophone solo he also performed on the studio version.

Happy New Year 2011

1 January, 2011 | Tubesnake News

Happy New Year 2011

Star Of Wonder, Star Of Light

17 December, 2010 | Tubesnake News

Like the three kings of Orient, follow yonder star and catch Tubesnake this Sunday afternoon 19th December at The Star Inn, Newcastle for some pre-Christmas cheer. The gig starts at 4pm and feel free to come bearing gifts just like those guys.

Holidays In The Sun

6 November, 2010 | Tubesnake News

No gigs until Saturday 11th December when we’ll be making a return to The Royalty in Sunderland. That’s four weekends ruled out due to other committments and one band member sailing off on another world cruise. Time to update the ipod and catch The Doors Alive at The O2 Academy on the 27th November.

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