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13 September, 2013 | Tubesnake Gigs

Just back from another great “club” gig at Wheatley Hill Constitutional Club (The Conshies). A new venue to us and our fourth club gig out of our last five bookings. We’ve had good turn-outs over the last three weeks at Hetton Lyons Cricket Club in Hetton-le-Hole, Buffalos Rock Night at Houghton-le-Spring Comrades Club and St.Peter’s Social Club in Byker, this one also being a new venue for us. They’ve all had a good buzz and given us a bit more leg room to stretch out in.

Summer’s Almost Gone

24 August, 2013 | Tubesnake News

That was a damned good break from gigging which, for me (Lenny), included a couple of days camping near Haltwhistle, Northumberland followed by three days to get my act together before flying off to Portugal. Never been before but loved it. Spent a week hanging out with some mates in a top notch villa in Albufeira in The Algarve. Not a single cloud for the whole week. Great to see the sun hadn’t totally disappeared upon my return to the UK. First gig after the break is tonight, Saturday 24th August 2013, at Hetton Lyons Cricket Club. “Where will we be when the summer’s gone?” (Jim Morrison)

Fancy Dancing

27 July, 2013 | Tubesnake Gigs

Tom’s been back a good few weeks now since his month away gigging in Israel and therefore was on guitar for this stomping gig at The Angel in Durham City tonight, Saturday 27th July 2013. Lots of ‘Fancy Dancing’ and photo opportunities with a great audience. Gimme Shelter (Stones), Creep (Radiohead) and Starman (Bowie) are not in our current set but we put them out following audience requests. Gotta keep ya audience happy! Outta nowhere came Devil Woman with Tom on vocals. Yeah, it may be a Cliff song but it had the place bouncing, including the heedbangers. Who’d have thought? Anyway, it’s now break time for Tubesnake. We’ve had a boat-load of gigs lately and it’s time for a month off. We’re back at the end of August.

Johnny Guitar Deps Tony Cawson & Steve Gilroy

14 June, 2013 | Tubesnake News

Guitarist Tom has been gigging in Eilat in Southern Israel this last month so we’ve just completed six gigs with guitar deps. We’d just like to say thanks to Tony Cawson for covering The Market Tavern, Chester-le-Street and The Barley Mow, Birtley. Guitarist Tony is actually one of the founder members of Tubesnake and played in the band for the first three years beginning in 1992, re-joining for a further three years starting in 1998 before moving on to play in Doctor Sunshine and Skint. We dragged him out of retirement and brought him back up to speed with three practice sessions at Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms in Durham City. Many thanks also to Steve Gilroy for covering The Three Tuns in Gateshead, The John Duck in Durham City, The Golden Fleece in Silksworth and Coundon WMC. Steve plays guitar in The Steve Gilroy Band (SGB) and The Dirty South and being an active player he was quite happy to learn our set by candlelight in the privacy of his own bedroom so no rehearsals required there then. Great work lads, and we’ve a feeling we may be using you again in the near future!

Ray Manzarek 1939-2013

21 May, 2013 | Music News

Ray Manzarek, a founding member and keyboardist of The Doors, died yesterday, Monday 20th May 2013, at a medical clinic in Germany. He formed the band with Jim Morrison in 1965 after a chance meeting in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Word Of Mouth

20 May, 2013 | Tubesnake News

Many thanks to those of you who put a word in for us at The Pemberton Arms in Cold Hesledon, Seaham on Friday night. Of course, we weren’t gigging there that night, but your recommendations to book Tubesnake have resulted in me receiving a call tonight from Anthony who books the bands. We now have two gigs at The Pem on Friday 5th July and Friday 29th November 2013. Can’t believe we haven’t played there since November 2007. Looking forward to the return! … Lenny

Tom Is Leaving On A Jet Plane

14 May, 2013 | Tubesnake News

Sounds rather interesting! Guitarist Tom is leaving the UK to play a month’s worth of nightly gigs in a hotel in Eilat, Israel, starting today and returning on the 14th June. That should at least put a bit of colour in his cheeks. Tom kept us in the loop so we’ve had time to plan for this and have lined up a couple of guitar deps to see us through any gigs already booked while he’s away. So, no gigs lost! Have a great trip Tom and remember to bring us back a stick of rock each!

Tubesnake: Eleanor Rigby (Live)

1 March, 2013 | Video

Eleanor Rigby (2013)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at The John Duck, Durham City, Friday 1st March 2013.

thanks to Brian Baty for this video

Tubesnake: Soul Kitchen (Live)

27 January, 2013 | Video

Soul Kitchen (2013)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at The Free Trade Inn, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Sunday 27th January 2013.

thanks to Brian Baty for this video

Birthday Double For The Kings Of Oblivion

8 January, 2013 | Music News

Both born 8th January, Elvis 1935, Bowie 1947 (montage created by lenny)

Tubesnake: People Are Strange (Live at Stormin’ 2010)

1 November, 2012 | Video

People Are Strange (2010)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at Stormin’ The Castle, Witton Castle, Friday 3rd September 2010.

Listen to the guy in the crowd singing along to this one. Class!

thanks to Auld Rock Chick for this video

Live Music Red Tape Lifted For Small Venues

1 October, 2012 | Music News

From today, Monday 1st October, the Live Music Act 2012 (LMA) comes into effect. At a stroke it will create tens of thousands of potential new live music venues in England and Wales. The LMA amends the Licensing Act 2003, introducing an exemption from entertainment licensing for performances of live music between 8am and 11pm. If the performance uses amplification there is an audience limit of 200. If unamplified there is no audience limit … Hamish Birchall, The Live Music Forum (extract)

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

12 September, 2012 | Tubesnake News

Tubesnake 20th Anniversary Patch (design by lenny)Saturday 12th September 1992 saw the original 5-piece line-up of Tubesnake take to the stage for the first time in front of a live audience at The Lambton Hounds in Pity Me, Durham.

Fronting the band then, and still now, was Lenny Mustarde, the only original member left in the band. That first line-up consisted of: Lenny (Vocals), Tony Cawson (Guitar), Ken Lamb (Bass), Jeff Cooke (Guitar), John Blackett (Drums).

Back then the band played mainly blues/rock and over the years set-list and line-up changes have kept the band fresh, willing and able to go on.

To celebrate their “20th Anniversary” Tubesnake return to the same pub where it all started. See the band at The Lambton Hounds this Friday 14th September 2012 in its’ current and ninth line-up of Lenny, Woody (Drums), Chris Cowen (Bass) and Tom Atkinson (Guitar).


1 September, 2012 | Tubesnake News

It’s five years today since our website was launched on 1st September 2007. Eternally grateful to good friend and web-guru Dan Mullen for doing all the original set up of the site and for teaching me the skills needed to continue to manage it. 2007 also saw the ninth line-up change for Tubesnake when guitarist Tom Atkinson joined the band forming the line-up which still stands up to this point. Speaking of the passing of time, a major landmark will be reached later this month when Tubesnake celebrate 20 years of gigging. Now, That’s Entertainment! … Lenny

We Love Our Audience

10 July, 2012 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Vic, Saturday 30th June 2012 (photo by bruce barlow)Riding on the back of our 3-gig mini tour of Durham we travelled North at the end of June and into July to perform another 3-gig mini tour in the Gateshead/Newcastle area. We drew some excellent crowds at The Vic and The Three Tuns in Gateshead followed by a class Sunday afternoon gig at The Star Inn in Newcastle. Many thanks to our friends Waka and Martin Bell for depping on the drums at a number of these gigs. Also, would like to say cheers to photographer Bruce Barlow for taking a whole bunch of shots and a video at The Vic gig. We do love a good audience and all of these gigs were well attended by people who really got into it and proceeded to show their appreciation accordingly. If you’re reading this and were present at any of these events, Cheers!

City Of Angels

2 June, 2012 | Tubesnake Gigs

As expected, a great gig at The Angel Inn, Durham City on Saturday 2nd June 2012. Our recent practice meant we had three new songs in the set. ‘God Save The Queen’, bit of a one-off for the forthcoming Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next weekend, ‘Bowie’s ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ and the classic, although not so well known, ‘Waiting For The Sun’ by The Doors. ‘Waiting For The Sun’ is the title of The Doors third album and they tried to record the song in those sessions but didn’t like how it came out. They brought it back two years later and included it on their fifth album, ‘Morrison Hotel’. The Angel gig was the first of three we have in the Durham area this month. We’re also booked to play The Lambton Hounds in Pity Me on Friday 15th June and return to the city to play The Big Jug in Claypath on Friday 22nd June … Lenny

Fundraiser & Acoustic Buskers Night

2 May, 2012 | Music News

Tubesnake are now on a month-long break from gigs, our next one being at The Angel in Durham on Saturday 2nd June. This post is a plug for an event taking place at my local this Sunday.

The Lambton Hounds, Pity Me, Sunday 6th May.
This day-long event is a charity fundraiser for St. Cuthbert’s Hospice. It begins at 12 noon and features a selection of Real Ales, BBQ and Cupcakes Stall. There’s a Raffle with some top-notch prizes and a “Dartathon” (in which six players will be sponsored to reach a total score of 100,000). I will be hosting an ‘Acoustic Buskers Night’ from 9pm and will start the ball rolling with some vocal/acoustic guitar numbers. See you there if you wanna be part of this event and maybe get up later and show off your musical talent … Lenny

David Bowie: Five Years (Old Grey Whistle Test)

5 December, 2011 | Video

Five Years (1972)

Recorded live for BBC2, Tuesday February 8th 1972.

Tubesnake: People Are Strange (Live)

27 August, 2011 | Video

People Are Strange (2011)

TUBESNAKE Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar)

Recorded live at The Angel, Durham City, Saturday 18th June 2011.

thanks to Brian Baty for this video

Tubesnake Archives: The Stonedoors Gig 3rd July 1997

24 August, 2011 | Tubesnake Archives

The Stonedoors

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