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Dep Auditions Taking Place

1 January, 2014 | Tubesnake News

Happy New Year Everyone. It’s early days yet as far as our guitarist Tom’s future plans are concerned but it’s looking like he’s gonna be out of the country longer than a month, maybe two or three months in fact. Tony Cawson and Steve Gilroy are still helping us out on guitar. Tony has just covered our Beamish Mary Inn gig in Stanley on Saturday 28th December and our New Year’s Eve gig at The Bonny Moorhen in Stanhope last night. However, we’ve taken the decision to look for a more permanent guitar dep. If Tom is going to be away for another three months we feel it would be better to have a stable line-up over that period with just the one dep in order to maintain some form of continuity at our gigs. We’ve already had a very positive audition a couple of weeks ago and have one more to check out in the next week. Both lads are aware that we’re looking for someone who is a quick learner and can commit to a good two or three months with us until we suss out what’s happening with Tom. We’ll keep you posted.