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Fancy Dancing

27 July, 2013 | Tubesnake Gigs

Tom’s been back a good few weeks now since his month away gigging in Israel and therefore was on guitar for this stomping gig at The Angel in Durham City tonight, Saturday 27th July 2013. Lots of ‘Fancy Dancing’ and photo opportunities with a great audience. Gimme Shelter (Stones), Creep (Radiohead) and Starman (Bowie) are not in our current set but we put them out following audience requests. Gotta keep ya audience happy! Outta nowhere came Devil Woman with Tom on vocals. Yeah, it may be a Cliff song but it had the place bouncing, including the heedbangers. Who’d have thought? Anyway, it’s now break time for Tubesnake. We’ve had a boat-load of gigs lately and it’s time for a month off. We’re back at the end of August.