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Penny For Your Thoughts

3 November, 2013 | Tubesnake Gigs

Tubesnake at The Penny Gill (photo by gillian adlington)Sunday afternoon, 3rd November 2013. Excellent! A pub that looks like a Rock Venue as soon as you step in the door. Welcome to The Penny Gill in Spennymoor. The walls are plastered with rock posters and there’s musical instruments and other paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling. A sound system literally “blasts” out rock tunes at the far end of the room where the band set up and a black-out blind is lowered to shut out all daylight, adding to the atmosphere and helping create that real rock venue feel. We’d played here three times previously when it was your normal looking pub back in January and October 2000 and once more in July 2001. We kicked off at 4.15pm with our eyes on the road and our hands upon the wheel, playing to a brand new audience in a room that was made to rock. Many thanks to Warren for booking us. Gigs every Sunday from 3.30pm onwards! … Lenny