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Shamrox Rocks

22 March, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Shamrox, Durham Sat 22nd March 2008 (by strawberry girl) Shamrox, Durham City, on Saturday 22nd March 2008. This was a gig we were really looking forward to and what a blinder of a gig it was! We ain’t played there since 18th December 2004, when it was known as O’Neils, but it felt like “a blast from the past”, to me and Woody anyway, we’ve played there so many times before. I’ve never seen the gaff so full. The place was literally rammed and it seemed we were being observed from every possible angle. The audience response was absolutely tremendous throughout the two sets. Our best gig yet since the current line-up with Tom Atkinson on guitar kicked off in June 2007, and overall, one of the best Tubesnake gigs ever! “Dancing days are here again, as the summer evenings grow!” … Lenny