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29 March, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Crook F.C., Saturday 29th March 2008. Basically a hometown for Chris and Tom and it was a great night. A dancing birthday girl and her friends got down on the floor midway through the first set and gave us the sort of stuff we’re used to. People having a good time. Great atmosphere with low lighting (two stage bulbs were out), slide show and psychedelic ‘space projector’. Combine that with the pouring rain outside and Riders on The Storm, towards the end of the first set, had the perfect setting. Good crowd reaction throughout the night and excellent participation in the closing line of People Are Strange (not all audiences feel up to that). We even managed to trip the power in the middle of the second set but were back on within minutes and ploughed through to finish with Sympathy For The Devil and Roadhouse Blues. Looking forward to our return on 2nd August! … Lenny