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The Lizard

8 December, 2007 | Words By Lenny

The Lizard by Lenny Mustarde

One hot afternoon
I entered father’s garden
With a handful of friends at my side
We walked among
The cold grey marble
We had no reason to hide

No One Here Gets Out AliveThe sun pierced the trees
And spat at the ground
Like summer rain it pattered down
We were drawn to the place
Where the Lizard King was laid
A handful of friends had gathered ’round

Now you’ve broken through
Have you found it to your liking
Still we stand on the sidelines
You did all the risk taking

Assure yourself of this
You have not been forgotten
The Lizard still stalks the horizon
And with my Feast of Friends
We drink to the memory
Of the man who was Waiting For The Sun

Now you’ve broken through
Skim the stars on your Moonlight Drive
Soon we’ll follow you
No One Here Gets Out Alive!

written August 5th 1982 (after visiting Jim’s grave, Père Lachaise cemetery, Paris, Wednesday July 28th 1982)