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Up The Hill Backwards

21 December, 2007 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Daisy Hill, 21 Dec 2007 (by john bowery)Tubesnake at The Daisy Hill, Friday 21st December 2007. Well, this was the venue where my audition and first practices with the band took place, the first time I met Lenny and Woody as well, but the first time I’d played a gig there. Quite a biggie for me as well, as I know the band have played there countless times before, and there was a lot of long-time friends and fans of the band who I hadn’t met before. We also had another ‘Pro Photo shoot’ of the band, thanks to DM Photography (Dänni Mustarde), taken outside the venue in the nice ‘chilly’ atmos.

Highlights of the gig for me were Jumpin’ Jack Flash, getting the dancers up early (the crowd were brilliant throughout the gig!), Sympathy For The Devil (reviving my SRV poses!) and a heavier than usual Roadhouse Blues to finish off the night. Brilliant venue, brilliant crowd, and one of my fave gigs to date. Can’t wait to get back there in the New Year! Cheers … Tom