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All Dressed Up And No Place To Go

1 December, 2007 | Tubesnake Gigs

Tom takes it easy! (photo by michael mustarde)Exactly! So we headed off to No Place near Stanley for a gig at The Beamish Mary Inn on Saturday 1st December 2007, almost six months to the day (Saturday 2nd June) since we last played here and launched the ninth line-up of Tubesnake with Tom Atkinson on guitar.

For this, our eighth gig together, we invited The Glammed to join us for what was quite a “celebratory” weekend. The night before, Tubesnake played The Bonny Moorhen in Stanhope for my daughter Dänni’s 18th, and the day after The Beamish, Sunday 2nd December, was both mine and Woody’s birthday. The Glammed got up first to entertain a packed room with an hour of Glam-Rock/70’s/Punk. Just before going on Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’, in full “let’s have a party” mode, turned his back on the audience and in 30 seconds flat managed to plaster glitter all over his face and apply eye-liner without the use of a mirror. Impressive! The lads kicked off with Blockbuster by The Sweet and ploughed through a stack of well known numbers that were well received by the crowd. Good job done. We also had a blast with our two sets which, at one point, saw Tom having a quick lie down on the stone floor during one of his guitar solos. I didn’t even realise he’d done that until I saw the photographs later! … Lenny