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Who’ll Love Aladdin Vane?

25 November, 2007 | Tubesnake Gigs

Who’ll love Aladdin Vane?Turned up on Sunday 25th November 2007 at The Vane Arms, Sunderland, a venue I’ve played a couple of times before when the Sunday gigs used to be on afternoons so I was interested to see what an evening gig would be like. It was looking like no one was gonna turn up until just before we went on and 15 or so people arrived. The atmosphere picked up straight away, and we kicked off with Helter Skelter, without a soundcheck. The energy on stage was noticeably higher than a couple of previous gigs, and everything just seemed to go well! We started the 2nd set once again with Crackerman (one of my personal faves by Stone Temple Pilots), and got a request to do some Doors, so shoved all The Doors tunes we do into one big clump in the second set, and it went down really well. When The Music’s Over has evolved to have a few more little quirks here and there, as has L.A. Woman and Riders On The Storm. A couple of Stones songs to finish off: Paint It Black and Sympathy For The Devil, then White Room and Roadhouse Blues for encores. A really enjoyable night, really appreciative crowd. The Vane’s a great venue, nice long room and a canny stage as well. Cheers! … Tom