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Hell For Leather

23 November, 2007 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Pemberton Arms 23rd Nov 2007 (by ali D)Low lights, loud, hot and sweaty at The Pemberton Arms in Cold Hesledon, Seaham on Friday 23rd November 2007.

I always loved this venue but we hadn’t played there for quite a while (26th August 2005 in fact). It was three weeks since our last gig at The Golden Fleece in Sunderland so we were dying to get back out there. Seeing a load of faces that I hadn’t seen for ages really made the night for me. Genuinely loved the support and eagerness to see the new Tubesnake line up and amended set. We seemed to be well received. This was our fifth gig as the new 4-piece presenting some new songs and a few variations on some of our old standards. We are high on energy, but being a picky lot, some amendments are already coming to the fore. The new version of Sweet Jane is “fun to funky” but will probably revert or be ditched for a while. The new line up has revitalised us but we want more new songs in there so listen up.

Highlights para mí last night, Eleanor Rigby (all praise to Tom and Woody for developing that shamanistic, tripping, extended ending during our Daisy Hill rehearsals this summer). Our Stone Temple Pilots offering Crackerman (it’s a challenge presenting a song that most people probably don’t know). It’s short and sweet but it rocks. The Red Hot Chili Peppers number By The Way (seemed like everyone in the room identified with this as a recent memory song and were singing along to it). Excellent gig but, in the words of Mr. Mojo Risin, “When the music’s over, turn out the lights!” … Lenny