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Ring Out The Old

31 December, 2015 | Tubesnake News

Saturday 19th December saw us finish our last gig of 2015. Despite the intermittent lashing down of rain outside it was more than cosy inside with a good turnout at The Red Lion in Coxhoe. You really do have to squeeze yourself in with a shoehorn at this venue but it makes for a great atmosphere. In total we put out 58 gigs in 2015. An additional three gigs were lost due to the venue either closing or ceasing live music, one gig was lost to a double booking mix up and one very recently had to be cancelled due to very bad weather conditions and traffic delays. As for the venues themselves, we revisited three pubs we hadn’t played at in four years or more and, more interestingly, made our very first appearance at no less than nine brand new venues to us. Our first time at Trillians in Newcastle back in July had to be a highlight. All in all, a great year with old and new venues, new songs introduced to the set and some bloody good gigs. Thanks to everyone for being there. We hope you’ve all had a great Christmas and we’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year for 2016 … Tubesnake (Lenny, Woody, Chris, Martin)