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23 May, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Friday 23rd May 2008. The Market Tavern in Chester-le-Street. The bods were packed in and the vibe in the room was excellent from song one. Stephen Wakefield ‘Waka’, from The Glammed, was on drums again while Woody partook of his last night in Spain. No new songs but we’d shuffled the set about which gave us a fresh view on the proceedings. Met a bunch of new faces at this gig including one couple I remembered seeing at a 1977 gig here in February. Now they were here for our gig and told me they’d been waiting ten years to see Tubesnake. Strange but true and I’m still not sure what held them up? Also, thanks to another first-timer, young Stephanie, who’d just got back from seeing The Sex Pistols Experience at The Carling Academy in Newcastle. She heard us playing from down the street and dropped in for the last few songs. Sporting a Stiff Little Fingers t-shirt she came straight to the front providing rousing cries of “Have it!” in between each number before dancing herself and another front-line dancing girl into a heap on the floor. Fantastic! In similar fashion, Waka closed the final Sympathy For The Devil by up-ending the drum-kit, prompting Tom to unstrap his Fender and play it by scraping it off the twisted metal mass before throwing it into the symbolic funeral pyre! Damned good gig! … Lenny