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Easy Street

21 February, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Easy Street 21st Feb 2008Thursday, 21st February 2008, at Easy Street in Chester-le-Street. Despite a few gremlins in the “electricals” this was a good gig with lots of people in the house. The first set rocked but the gremlins caused us to take an extended break in the middle while Chris and Tom tried to sort out what was causing the guitar amp to buzz like a chainsaw and the effects pedals to cut out like spoilt brats who’d decided not to join in the game anymore.

Luckily there was no pressure for us to ‘get on with it’. The place was very laid back, they don’t call it Easy Street for nothing, so the second set proceeded when we were ready. Things settled down and we started picking songs at random, ignoring our usual running order. Tom vented his frustration like a rat in a cage and proceeded to draw us into a massively extended Sympathy For The Devil while playing guitar in every position imaginable to mankind. Nice one! … Lenny