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Mill House Blues

17 February, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Mill House, Birtley, Sunday 17th February 2008. Freezing cold outside but snug as a bug indoors due to a really good turn out. Countless times we’ve played here before in front of the window with no floor space whatsoever so this time it was great to set up at the end of the room in front of the fire place. Lots more room for us but not a lot of room for the punters and no room to dance, much to the disappointment of a table of four girls who apparently were itching to shake some booty. Woody was back behind the kit and played like a demonoid, so much so that he punctured his bass drum skin at the end of the first set. He did a neat repair job though with a piece of cardboard from behind the bar and a few strips of gaffa. Tom went all ‘Woodstock’ on us wearing a makeshift hippy head band which he said he’d knicked from Chris. Apparently, back in the early 70’s Chris used to wear it to keep the hair out of his eyes. Tom’s new Gibson SG made an appearance too. Didn’t he just get a brand new Fender Telecaster a few weeks ago? Great gig! … Lenny