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Tubesnake Shed Some Skin

7 March, 2022 | Tubesnake News

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic we were keen on beating our previous year’s number of gigs and succeeded in doing that, pushing upwards of 70 plus gigs a year. Along came the pandemic and our 80 bookings in 2020 were knocked back to just 23 gigs. Restrictions were still in place for the first half of 2021 but we managed 32 gigs from July to December. The enforced break from gigging, brought on by the pandemic, made us realise that we don’t need to keep chasing the numbers. So this year, 2022, we have decided to drop our output and have agreed that around 50 gigs a year will do us moving forward. Rest assured though that we will continue to perform to the max.

Tubesnake performing To The Max by lenny