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Facebook Poll Secures First Gig At The Schooner For Tubesnake

13 October, 2018 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Schooner, Gateshead, Saturday 13th October 2018.

photos taken 13th October 2018 at the schooner by bruce barlow, collage by lennyThe Schooner, hidden away on the leafy banks of The Tyne on the Gateshead side, a venue we’d been aware of for years. We’d asked about possible gigs in the distant past but it seemed that our style of music didn’t really suit the genres they favoured at the time. Anyway, management changed and the style of music on offer at The Schooner opened up. On 14th Feb 2018 The Schooner posted the following on their Facebook Page.

“Right folks, here’s the plan. Can you suggest bands who haven’t appeared at The Schooner yet who you’d like to see. Can you give the name and a bit of background info please. We will look at every sensible suggestion and get the gig on. I get about 6 requests per day from bands/musicians, and with the best will in the world, can’t check them all out.” … Adrian Marley

We shared this post to everyone who knew us, asking for their support. This resulted in a flood of posts to The Schooner page recommending Tubesnake to the venue. Ten days later … thanks to you and the massive response in our favour, The Schooner got in touch with us and gave us our first ever gig there on Saturday 13th October 2018. ¬°Excellente!

thanks to Bruce Barlow for these photos