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Stormin’ The Castle 2016

20 July, 2016 | Tubesnake Gigs

Stormin' The Castle 2016 Full Line-Up (poster by steve cockburn 'cosy')
The full line-up of bands has been announced for the event which features live music on Friday 2nd September and Saturday 3rd September 2016.

You can catch us on the ‘Main Stage’ on Saturday 3rd September at 7.45pm.

Historically we are no strangers to Stormin’ …

At Stormin’ 2005 we were the first band up on the ‘Main Stage’ on Friday 2nd September.

At Stormin’ 2010, we were the second band up on the ‘Main Stage’ on Friday 3rd September.

We can’t wait for Stormin’ 2016.