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NYE 2008 @ Crook F.C.

31 December, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

New Year’s Eve 2008 at Crook FCThanks to Marshall and Graeme on the door, for continuing to man their posts while ‘on the door’ sales took the numbers attending to just over the 100 required to confirm this gig as a ‘sell-out’. The Unnamed, put out a very strong 45 mins to kick the night off, my personal favourite being She Sells Sanctuary. Frayed Ends, as a whole, had to pull out due to illness but drummer Ian and guitarist Steve still turned up to form an ensemble with Tom, Chris and Martin from Victims of The Fury to neatly fill the middle slot with some great rock covers as Frayed Victims?. The timing for this year’s event was spot on compared to when we played here last year and Tubesnake were bang on schedule for the first set, a short break and a second set taking everyone to the midnight hour. The crowd were excellent with a good bunch of bods taking to the dance floor. Party nights sometimes bring out a party attitude and I stepped out while Woody, Chris and Tom seared through Misirlou (featured in the opening scene of Pulp Fiction) and a medley of rock ‘n’ roll stuff. I rejoined them for Walking The Dog (early Rolling Stones version) and we closed with Sympathy For The Devil. Thanks to all who attended and helped make it a cracking New Year’s Eve gig! … Lenny