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Give ‘Em Enough Rope

5 September, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Ropery 5th September 2008 Ninth Line-UpFriday 5th September 2008 at The Ropery in Sunderland.

Despite the heavy rain and flood warnings across the North-East we still had an excellent night with a good crowd in, supplemented by a spill-over from a 21st birthday party going on upstairs.

Chris commented that his night was … “made even better by having one of my guitar heroes present, Peter Barclay (ex Lucas Tyson)”.

Slipped in new song Cold Turkey by the Plastic Ono Band (deep joy) and said goodbye to the likes of Dear Prudence and Don’t Believe A Word.

Chris was back at The Ropery on Sunday afternoon to see The Grumpy Old Men … “Thoroughly enjoyed it. They got me up to play Too Rolling Stoned by Robin Trower, one of my other guitar heroes”. Seems The Grumpies like Tubesnake and asked their crowd to check us out, so cheers for that!