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Toon Raiders

21 June, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

ToonsnakeBrilliant night at The Star Inn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 21st June 2008. Been wanting to gig here for ages. Plenty of space on the stage, new backdrop, new lights and basically, apart from a few recognisable faces, a brand new audience.

The pub was well full and everyone seemed to really get into the gig. Plenty of girls up dancing and there was a sea of mobile phone cameras/videos going off, including a few posed shots with various bods at the end of the gig. Waka, from The Glammed, again stood in for us on the drums and in his own words reckoned it was the best Tubesnake gig he’d ever depped for and that includes the two years he was actually in the band as second guitarist. The audience were a well mixed bunch of age-groups and musical tastes but our stuff seemed to satisfy judging by the enthusiastic reception we got throughout the gig and the comments/chat we had in the break and at the end of the night.

We opened the second set gently with Man on The Moon (REM) which encouraged a lot of smiley, happy people to sing along and point to the big imaginary moon in the ceiling. Tom ran off to rub shoulders with the crowd during his extended guitar solos and we ended the night with L.A. Woman and then Sympathy For The Devil as the encore. Yet another great finale as guest boy Waka smashed Woody’s drum kit unceremoniously to the floor, cymbals a-crashing, while Chris repeatedly thumped his bass and Tom provided industrial strength feedback collectively producing what sounded like some sort of Brian Eno-esque manic meltdown. Rocking gig! Rocking crowd! … Lenny