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No Sympathy Por El Diablo

26 April, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Saturday 26th April 2008 at The Derwentside, Consett. As the Tubesnake tour bus pulled up I realised that we’d actually played here once before (archives revealed that it was Thursday 22nd July 1999!). We were barely out of our teens back then but hey, time moves on. This gig was like a coming together of the tribes with the limited number of locals present being boosted by mini-bus/automobile gangs from Durham, Stanhope and Wolsingham. Together they combined to create a very decent sized crowd who gave us top support after each song and got down to some serious boogie. This high-energy response was all the more appreciated by us considering that Chris snapped a bass string, then his amp went off and he had to tentatively play through the ‘vocal’ P.A.; Woody had a sore foot and we had to drop all our ‘disco’ numbers and Tom’s amp/pedals kept tripping like Brian Jones on a weekend bender. But what the hell. It was a great night at a great little venue. The warm welcome from Ann and her staff together with an appreciative crowd made it a bloody good gig … Lenny