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On The Waterfront

13 January, 2008 | Tubesnake Gigs

Tubesnake. Check em out!Sunday afternoon 13th January at The Clarendon, Sunderland. Our second gig at one of the oldest pubs in Sunderland, or at least the pub with the longest, unbroken drinking licence in Sunderland, going back to 1753. It’s a great venue. Small. Intimate. In your face. Despite feeling decidedly “bugged” by that cold virus thing that’s going around the gig was excellent. We hung back to let more punters turn up after watching their local team deliver a victorious home win and consequently everyone was in high spirits. Starman and Sweet Jane (non-funk version) returned to the set after weeks away. Just and Crackerman, being a couple of our newer covers, went down great. The P.A., again provided by The Creepers at this venue, was really spot on! The second set went from strength to strength as When The Music’s Over led to White Room to L.A. Woman to Sympathy For The Devil. The highlight had to be the encore Roadhouse Blues which morphed into some psychedelic trip, with a trance-like mantra of “Ashen Lady. Ashen Lady. Give up your vows!” fully supported vocally by the crowd. Apart from our few candles and stage light, management plunged the place into darkness at just the right moment. Tripping! … Lenny