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7 October, 2007 | Tubesnake Gigs

Got off to a 4.30pm start at The Ropery, Sunderland on Sunday 7th October 2007 to a very decent turn out of bods despite the murky mire outside. Gigs are now held in the bigger room at the end of the building rather than the ground level bar in the middle where we’ve played many times before. Acoustics were good and the low lighting provided a great ambience and hid any facial disfigurements we may have been sporting. We’re buzzing at the moment and loving putting out the new line-up and amended set. Great to see a crowd from The Clarendon, where we gigged the previous Sunday, (excellent audience participation from one of the Clarendon ladies who provided dancing as well as an impromptu tambourine solo and then went on to demonstrate her frontman undressing skills). Good to hear some after-gig positives from newbies as well as peeps who’ve known us for years in one shape or another. Thanx to all in the room! … Lenny