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Tubesnake Reborn as 9th Line-Up Launches on 2nd June 2007

1 September, 2007 | Tubesnake News

Ticket for 9th Line-Up Launch

After eleven years with the band, guitarist Dave Lunn performed his final gig with us on New Year’s Eve 2006 to concentrate on his already established other projects White Noise and Black Sabbath tribute band Sabattica, signalling the end of the Eighth Line-Up of Tubesnake. The three of us decided to take some time off and look for two new guitarists and return to the 5-piece format that we’d previously ran with from 1992 until 2003. Using advertising and word of mouth we ended up with fifteen applicants and auditioned five of them in February 2007. We settled on veteran of the local music scene, Steve Reay and a 17 year old friend of Chris, Tom Atkinson. After a dozen or so rehearsals we arranged an “Invite Only” gig at The Beamish Mary, Stanley on Saturday June 2nd 2007 to showcase the new 5-piece. We played to a full house with a re-arranged set and 8 new songs. After five months of not gigging we had a blast and the night was a great success. However, shortly after the gig, Steve announced that he would have to step down since, due to other recent commitments in his life, he knew he would find it difficult to gig as regularly as we do. The 2nd June gig was to be his only performance with us. Collectively, we decided to simply continue as a 4-piece, which we’d been used to for the last 4 years anyway.

The next Tubesnake gig will be at The Clarendon, Sunderland on Sunday September 30th 2007 featuring the now confirmed Ninth Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Tom Atkinson (Guitar).

The Beamish Mary gig, photos by lesley davies & jacqueline atkinson, collage by lenny