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Keep Your Eyes On The Road & Your Hands Upon The Wheel

1 January, 2024 | Tubesnake News

photo by Tim Ross

Almost 50 bookings already lined up for 2024.

See our Gig Dates page for an up-to-date list of all our gigs.

Best Wishes From Tubesnake

1 January, 2023 | Tubesnake News

photos by Bernie Penman, collage by lenny

In 2022 we were once again able to gig right throughout the year, January to December, for the first time since the pre-pandemic year of 2019. We had a great year and allowed ourselves a little more time off, in-line with “shedding some skin” (see post on 7 March, 2022). Despite dropping our output by around 20 gigs we still managed to put ourselves out there for 58 gigs. 2023 is here and we begin the new year with 45 bookings already on the calendar.

Feliz Navidad

25 December, 2022 | Tubesnake News

photo-art by lenny

Tubesnake Shed Some Skin

7 March, 2022 | Tubesnake News

Prior to the Coronavirus Pandemic we were keen on beating our previous year’s number of gigs and succeeded in doing that, pushing upwards of 70 plus gigs a year. Along came the pandemic and our 80 bookings in 2020 were knocked back to just 23 gigs. Restrictions were still in place for the first half of 2021 but we managed 32 gigs from July to December. The enforced break from gigging, brought on by the pandemic, made us realise that we don’t need to keep chasing the numbers. So this year, 2022, we have decided to drop our output and have agreed that around 50 gigs a year will do us moving forward. Rest assured though that we will continue to perform to the max.

Tubesnake performing To The Max by lenny

Happy New Year

1 January, 2022 | Tubesnake News

artwork by lenny

Welcome to the New Year. Bienvenido. Bienvenu. Benvenuto. Willkommen. Welkom. Velkommen. Välkommen. Namaste.

On The Road Again

1 August, 2021 | Tubesnake News

The Rose Inn Outdoor Stage, Wallsend, Friday 9th July 2021 (photo by Allie McCormick)

Coronavirus restrictions and getting our vaccinations prevented us from gigging for 8 long months. July is now over but not before we squeezed in 6 gigs starting on July 3rd, including two on a fab outdoor stage erected in the car park of The Rose Inn Pub in Wallsend. One of these outdoor gigs took place in the evening when we performed our full two sets from 9pm. The other was a 45 minute afternoon slot at ‘The Rose Inn Rock Fest’ that featured 10 other bands from noon til late on a gloriously sunny day. It’s good to be back!

Roadmap Blues

22 February, 2021 | Tubesnake News

Following the Government announcement today, Monday 22nd February 2021, detailing a ‘Roadmap Out Of Lockdown’, we are now taking bookings for the second half of 2021 starting in July.

Blurred Vision

1 January, 2021 | Tubesnake News

Well last year may have started off with a post about “2020 Vision” and a diary full of gigs to keep us busy right through the year but, after playing 19 gigs up to the 14th March, the emergence of the Coronavirus Pandemic obviously changed everything. We did manage to squeeze in four socially distanced gigs in September through to November before the 2nd lockdown kicked in and that was it for 2020. 23 gigs played, 57 gigs cancelled. Here we are in 2021 with no gigs booked and no immediate sign of things changing so it’s a case of wait and see what happens.

Live Lounge Lizards

27 September, 2020 | Tubesnake Gigs

photo video-still by david lynas

Excellent gig at Live Lounge on Saturday. We had a full house with a very enthusiastic audience. The design of the venue itself is pretty amazing with a good sized stage, great lighting and a mega in-house sound system. This gig felt very special and the atmosphere was charged and exciting. Thanks to owners Tony & Lorraine and all the staff who helped us settle in.

Wake Me Up When September Ends

22 September, 2020 | Tubesnake Gigs

Live Lounge, Sunderland, Saturday 26th September, first gig since March (by lenny)

Live Lounge, Park Lane, Sunderland, Saturday 26th September 2020, 7.30pm.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic we’ve been unable to gig for six months and this will be our first gig since 14th March. This place looks pretty amazing inside, judging by the photos and video-clips we’ve seen on social media, and today we’ve been asked to fill a cancellation slot this coming weekend. We jumped at the chance and we’re certainly looking forward to playing at this recently opened venue.

Coronavirus: Closed

20 March, 2020 | Tubesnake News

photo by Shutterstock

Closure of all UK Pubs & Clubs from midnight 20th March 2020 so all gigs cancelled for the foreseeable future. “¡Dios mío!”

Tubesnake: Roadhouse Blues (Live)

11 January, 2020 | Tubesnake Videos

Roadhouse Blues (2020)

TUBESNAKE Tenth & Current Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Chris (Bass), Martin Craggs (Guitar)

Recorded live at The Blue Bell, Jesmond Vale, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Saturday 11th January 2020.

thanks to Jim Wright for this video

2020 Vision

1 January, 2020 | Tubesnake News

If you’re waiting for the gift of sound and vision in this new year then take a look at our Gig Dates page. Over 70 dates already booked for 2020.


16 November, 2019 | Tubesnake Gigs

photos by christine watson (2019) & fiona davison (2017), composition by lennyYet another class Saturday night gig at The Star Inn on Westgate Road, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Proper crowd! Proper venue! 😎

CrookFest 2019

5 May, 2019 | Tubesnake Gigs

photos by lenny & michael mustardeOur first appearance at this annual May Bank Holiday Weekend Rock Festival featuring Tribute & Covers Bands across 3 stages. The whole event took place inside The Millfield Ground, home of Crook Town AFC. Tubesnake played an hour and 5 minutes starting at 4.25pm. This was an exciting event and we had an excellent turnout in the marquee for our slot. Great day out.

El Toro Negro

2 February, 2019 | Tubesnake Gigs

artwork by lenny, band photo by julie lisleThis was our second visit to The Black Bull in Blaydon having made our first appearance there exactly one year earlier on Saturday 3rd February 2018. It’s a ticketed event and all tickets had been sold so we had a full room. Both gigs were excellent. Great stage, great audience, great atmosphere. Just how all gigs should be.

Birds Of Prey

1 January, 2019 | Tubesnake News

Birds of PreyWelcome to the New Year. 78 gigs under our belt in 2018, our biggest number of gigs yet in one year and we’re already booked for over 70 gigs in this new year. “The early bird catches the worm” they say and, as far as bookings are concerned for 2019, we ain’t been hanging around. Tubesnake. Birds of prey, flying high.

Facebook Poll Secures First Gig At The Schooner For Tubesnake

13 October, 2018 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Schooner, Gateshead, Saturday 13th October 2018.

photos taken 13th October 2018 at the schooner by bruce barlow, collage by lennyThe Schooner, hidden away on the leafy banks of The Tyne on the Gateshead side, a venue we’d been aware of for years. We’d asked about possible gigs in the distant past but it seemed that our style of music didn’t really suit the genres they favoured at the time. Anyway, management changed and the style of music on offer at The Schooner opened up. On 14th Feb 2018 The Schooner posted the following on their Facebook Page.

“Right folks, here’s the plan. Can you suggest bands who haven’t appeared at The Schooner yet who you’d like to see. Can you give the name and a bit of background info please. We will look at every sensible suggestion and get the gig on. I get about 6 requests per day from bands/musicians, and with the best will in the world, can’t check them all out.” … Adrian Marley

We shared this post to everyone who knew us, asking for their support. This resulted in a flood of posts to The Schooner page recommending Tubesnake to the venue. Ten days later … thanks to you and the massive response in our favour, The Schooner got in touch with us and gave us our first ever gig there on Saturday 13th October 2018. ¡Excellente!

thanks to Bruce Barlow for these photos

Tubesnake: Love Street (Live)

29 July, 2018 | Tubesnake Videos

Love Street (2018)

TUBESNAKE Tenth & Current Line-Up: Lenny (Vocals), Woody (Drums), Martin Craggs (Guitar), Stuart Dawson (Depping on Bass)

Recorded live at The Welcome Tavern, Sunderland, Sunday 29th July 2018.

Love Street is a song by The Doors. It appears on their 1968 album Waiting for the Sun.

thanks to The Welcome Tavern for this video

Stanley Burning Rock Festival 2018

1 July, 2018 | Tubesnake Gigs

Stanley Burning Rock Festival 2018

Saturday 11th August

Now in its third year, we have been invited to play the Stanley Burning Rock Festival. A one day music festival featuring six live bands playing in a huge marquee fully covering the stage and audience. TUBESNAKE will perform an hour long set starting at 6pm. Tickets are available at £5 from the venue itself and Tubesnake also have a bunch to sell. Failing that, pay £6 at the gate on the day.

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