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Mary Gives Birth

16 January, 2010 | Tubesnake Gigs

The Beamish Mary Inn, No Place, Stanley, Saturday 16th January 2010. The Beamish Mary Inn has been reborn and we were there for the christening. The place has been refurbished throughout and looks great. The gig room is warmer with improved heating and a new wooden floor. It’s less cluttered and has had the old delapitated bar taken out leaving more space for punters, plus a little raised stage area elevates at least some of the band for a more interesting view. The Beamish has always been a favourite venue of ours and with its’ new look and a packed house this gig turned out to be one of our best appearances there! … Lenny

Suffragette City & Helter Skelter (2010)

TUBESNAKE recorded live at The Beamish Mary Inn, No Place, Saturday 16th January 2010.

thanks to Andy Atkinson for this video