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We Want The World And We Want It Now

21 July, 2011 | Trivia

I’m The Crawling King Snake And I Rule My Den

31 October, 2009 | Trivia

Boobsville NZ

3 November, 2008 | Trivia

This picture, sent from my girly-friend Jacquie in New Zealand, shows the “Boobs On Bikes” weekend which takes place in Wellington. Amazingly similar to our recent gig at The Clarendon in Sunderland … Lenny

Tubesnake Get Twinned Status

12 October, 2008 | Trivia

Talk about small world experiences (S.W.E.’s). Stumbled across these October 2008 posts on a Dutch Guitar-Forum on the net. A newly formed rock covers band, called Tubesnake, are advertising for a bass-player who can practice once a week in the city of Kampen in the Netherlands: Rock Coverband Tubesnake uit Kampen zoekt bassist Hallo wij […]

Moon Of Alabama

16 July, 2008 | Trivia

Texted my mate tonight about an upcoming Tubesnake gig and asked him what he was up to. He replied, “On the step with The Kinks, a whisky and a fat Cuban cigar!”. Cool, thought I. “Which step dude?”, I asked. He replied, “My very own my friend. The King is in residence, and the kingdom […]

Gabby Gabby Hey

10 May, 2008 | Trivia

Just back from a week in Malia, Crete and a bunch of us were blown away by a tiny little rock-bar called The Cavern which we frequented most nights from 11pm onwards. It’s the only bar in the area that plays rock music, delivered by a cute Romanian girl named Gabriella (Gabby) on her twin […]

Stone Temple Tubesnake

8 April, 2008 | Trivia

Critics of Scott Weiland have previously pointed out that Weiland’s vocal style while in Stone Temple Pilots was very similar to that of Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam). Weiland has rejected such comparisons, however, he cites Jim Morrison and David Bowie as more influential on his vocal techniques and sound. […]

Tom’s Next Guitar?

7 April, 2008 | Trivia

It’s a replica of Hendrix’s one he used at the Montery Pop Festival, the one where he does Wild Thing and burns the guitar. The guitar’s specs aren’t the same ‘cos I don’t like them the same – different neck. But it’s canny for ¬£500. The guitar they use to make ’em is a Mexican […]

Velvet Tubesnake

6 April, 2008 | Trivia

The Doors At The Matrix Club, San Francisco 1967

26 February, 2008 | Trivia

My Eyes Have Seen You Soul Kitchen I Can’t See Your Face in My Mind People Are Strange When the Music’s Over Money Who Do You Love Moonlight Drive Summer’s Almost Gone I’m a King Bee Gloria Break On Through Summertime Back Door Man Alabama Song The End