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Category: Lyrical Snippets


22 March, 2011 | Lyrical Snippets

Andalucía Comfortable flats and broad brimmed hats Beach women bask beneath azure skies Young girls shimmer in silky poses Some wear shells from the deepest seas You can see Africa on a clear day Strange tongues whispering on the breeze Dead bird bones bleach in the midday sun Shabby old men sit smoking with Faces […]

Death Of The Spanish Stallions

20 January, 2009 | Lyrical Snippets

When the still sea conspires an armour. And her sullen and aborted currents breed tiny monsters. True sailing is dead. Awkward instant. And the first animal is jettisoned. Legs furiously pumping. Their stiff green gallop. Heads bob up. Poise. Delicate. Pause. Consent. In mute nostril agony. Carefully refined and sealed over. … Horse Latitudes (The […]


2 January, 2009 | Lyrical Snippets

It’s closer to dawn than the midnight hour Your misty mind swims in a land locked haze Glimmering flames are stealing the shadows Needle like rhythms seem to pierce your brain You twist and you turn like a meandering river You’re lost in the dance like a shaman possessed The soft touch of warm skin […]

Birthday of Mr Mojo Risin 1943

8 December, 2007 | Lyrical Snippets

The Lizard by Lenny Mustarde One hot afternoon I entered father’s garden With a handful of friends at my side We walked among The cold grey marble We had no reason to hide The sun pierced the trees And spat at the ground Like summer rain it pattered down We were drawn to the place […]