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“Take It, Hugh!”

5 March, 2009 | Music News

Hugh Cornwell HooverdamThe Gala Theatre, Durham, Thursday 5th March 2009. The voice of The Stranglers, Hugh Cornwell, was out touring with his new band and a new album titled Hooverdam. The Stranglers Newcastle City Hall 1985I love most of The Stranglers back catalogue but ain’t seen them live in any shape or form since 1985 so I was keen to see what Hugh was up to and had little idea what to expect since I avoided checking him out on the web. Suffice to say, they were excellent! Ten new lyrical masterpieces delivered with a punchy, raw edge that made you realise how much of a massive contribution Hugh actually made to The Stranglers. Some tracks reminded me of Lou Reed, also a lyrical virtuoso. Bassist, Caroline, added a sexy, cool, punk style to the whole show. Favourites were Rain On The River, Going To The City and Wrong Side Of The Tracks. They went on to close with a number of Stranglers songs, including Down In The Sewer which was brilliant despite the lack of keyboards … Lenny