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Death Of The Spanish Stallions

20 January, 2009 | Lyrical Snippets

The Horse Latitudes (by erica chappuis)When the still sea conspires an armour.
And her sullen and aborted currents breed tiny monsters.
True sailing is dead.
Awkward instant.
And the first animal is jettisoned.
Legs furiously pumping. Their stiff green gallop. Heads bob up.
Poise. Delicate. Pause. Consent.
In mute nostril agony. Carefully refined and sealed over.

… Horse Latitudes (The Doors) 1967

The Horse Latitudes are the subtropic latitudes between 30 and 36 degrees both north and south. There are few winds in the Horse Latitudes and little current. In colonial days ships could be slowed or even stalled to no movement at all for days or even weeks in confused seas and heat. To conserve water and food, and to lighten the loads of the ships in hopes of maximizing the effect of the light winds, sailors sometimes threw horses overboard. It is said that the horses would swim for miles after the ships until they drowned and that the sailors were haunted by dreams of the horses’ panicked screams.