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Bauhaus: Ziggy Stardust

3 March, 2008 | Video

Ziggy Stardust (October 1982)

Shot in August 1982 beneath Camden Lock Market in a series of complex tunnels, known locally as The Camden Catacombs. A mock gig complete with the entire back line in situ. Directed by Mick Calvert for Standard Pictures … The Arkive

The first Bauhaus album in 25 years, Go Away White, is released today, 3rd March 2008. Recorded in 18 days, some tracks in one take, Bauhaus’ fifth studio album proves that even a quarter-century’s hiatus can’t kill a great band, especially if it was undead to begin with. It picks up right where Bauhaus left off. A wet dream for original fans and a blast of recognition for the newly eye-lined! … Kerri Mason, Billboard